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My Life Now

I just want to thank everyone personally for your thoughts and prayers over the last year. This past year has gone by fast. I know I still have a long road ahead of me.

My wife, BreAnna, reminds me of all the things I forget even though I don’t know I forgot them.

I really miss playing football. The doctors tell me that I will never be able to play football again as well as any impact sports. I hope they are wrong. Until I'm okayed to play I will stick with coaching. I miss fishing and duck hunting and can’t wait to go this year. Last year I was not allowed to go anywhere without help or someone watching me at all times and it annoyed me. I know I have a brain injury but they can be so overprotective. They say it’s out of love. I'm thankful for their love.

I am looking forward to getting to chop corn this year since I wasn’t allowed to drive last year.

Speaking of coaching: The other day I got to show one of my football players the hole in my head. When he felt it he started gagging. Ha! It was awesome. That’s the first time I have been able to laugh about it because the hole to me is a constant reminder of everything that happened.

It brings me mixed emotions when I have Bre read me the caring bridge site because I don’t understand how I looked and acted. I don’t remember anything that they (Bre & Sarah) wrote about. I don’t remember any of the pictures or conversations. My memory daily feels like its almost not there. I have to write everything down and look at it over and over. When she reads the comments everyone left, I am happy to know so many people were praying for me.

Other sucky things: Its been a year and still no smell. Sometimes I think I smell, but I don’t know what it is . I don’t know why my brain cant remember smells. I would like to have my smell back so I can be able to smell my wifes perfume or at Christmas time I can smell apple pies or even at football games I would love to smell the fresh air. Drs said maybe a year for smell and here we are. I hope that I will make a full recovery someday and I hope that my life will get back to normal. But until then I just sit here and wait for everything to just happen. -Tyson