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It's been a year

A year ago today, I was being told by a doctor that he wasn't sure if my husband was going to live or not. Our lives were forever changed... Thanks to our wonderful Lord and millions of prayers, a recovery was made and here we are today. Nothing is the same, and we have a very long road ahead of us, but I am so grateful that my husband is here. I live for the day that he will come home and be able to smell the dinner I have cooked for him... I live for the day that he will have 100% of his memory back..I live for the day that my house will not be covered in post it notes, and he will be able to remember things on his own. I live for the day that Tyson will no longer focus on the things he is not allowed to ever do, but on the things he STILL CAN do... But for now, we are taking it day by day. I really can't believe a year has passed. Tonight we are celebrating his road to recovery, and looking forward to a future that is filled with more love and happiness -Bre