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Update from me (BreAnna)

Just thought I would give an update from me (BreAnna) since
I haven’t really been able to do so… :)

We are going back to Harborview tomorrow to meet with a
concussion specialist about his limitations for basically the rest of his life.
We went to Harborview last week and met with the neurosurgeons, and they referred
us out to the concussion specialist since Tyson was so active previous to this injury.  They basically explained his brain as being a
broken vase, that got glued back together, and if it would break again the
results could be more drastic then before. 
He will always have to be careful with his head, it will always be more
fragile than what it was before.

Tyson’s short term memory is not doing so well. He thinks we
are talking about one thing, when really we are talking about something else.
He will stand up and forget why he stood up, or he will have to ask me 3-4
times of what he is doing. This creates frustration on both of our parts, because
I either do not know what he is talking about, or he gets mad  because he doesn’t know what he is doing. He
is still pretty quick to snap, and very emotional about certain things. On the
same note, he seems to be emotionless about other things. It is a very hard
thing to watch and understand. The doctors said that is all a part of the healing
process and could be a year or so before these things start getting better. He
still has no sense of smell, and that is probably the most frustrating part for
him. When I am making dinner, he will just stand in the kitchen very upset that
he cannot smell it. He tells me all the time “ I want so badly to smell your
cooking, your perfume, everything.”   Ugh. I don’t know how to handle that when I
have never been where he has been. It is truly heartbreaking.

I just can’t believe how long this road has been. I can’t
believe how far we still have to go. So many of you have said so many prayers,
and done so much to help us, we will forever be in debt to all of you. From my
Aunt Bobbie taking the baby for a week when he was first admitted, to my mom
dropping everything to be by my side, to one of our coaches mowing our lawn….Tyson’s
whole  family  dropping everything as well to help us as
much as possible. (His sister’s kept him well groomed when he could not do it
himself!) Every one of you have touched our lives in more ways than you can
even imagine. There is an eternal list that goes on forever since you all have
been so generous to us.  Thank you for
traveling this bumpy road with us. We would not have made it this far without
all of your support.