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Tyler’s Story

TYLER WAS INVOLVED IN A FOOTBALL ACCIDENT On November 5th 2011, in which he suffered a severe spinal cord injury and broken neck.

If you wish to donate and support Tyler & his future needs you can send your donations and letters of encouragement to:

   The Tyler Timothy Vitiello Special Needs Trust 

                    197 hayes drive  

           Saddle Brook,N.J. 07663


Thank you for all your love and prayers of support for Tyler EVERY MINUTE of EVERY DAY I PRAY FOR MY CHILD TO HEAL AND STOP THE PAIN
..At exactly 2:27 Pm Saturday afternoon my life, my soul, my complete entire world, universe, breathe that I breathe, MY TYLER who is my end all be all everything in our lives was injured and  hurt so badly on the football field. As the play happened I saw my someone go down and did a quick scan as I always do of jersey numbers & I knew it was my Tyler. The seconds it took to run across the field to my child hurting felt like I ran to the ends of the earth and was never getting there. I came upon my innocent severly inured child screaming to me I’m paralyzed crying out in tremendous pain. It was two words that are repeatedly haunting me over and over in my mind, every second of every day. The surgery was immediate and we had not one minute to make any decisions. From the minute we entered the ambulance I threw myself onto my child hurting and terrified and pleaded with God to spare my child.I was begging the Lord to take me, take everything from my being , my soul my entire life ,take it from me to heal my son and let him live, and let him move and not be paralyzed. We went into trauma and the catscan showed his severely broken neck, from there immediately into the MRI which showed his spinal cord was injured and severely bruised. He was then rushed into the most dangerous scary surgery you can ever endure for over 10 hours. 3 days in ICU, then rushed to Kessler in West Orange to begin his journey to fight for his life back. Tyler has been trying so hard to regain all that was taken from him..He has had more courage and determination than anyone I have ever seen. many days he struggled to even to get out of bed as he suffered form c-dif and was in tremendous pain from this condition.He has worked so hard at therapy to walk again.
He was being recruited from over 20 schools for football scholarships to play college ball. He dreams of being an athletic trainer one day. One of his many doctors came to him in the hospital and said to Tyler as he lay in bed. You want to be an athletic trainer, he said to him. You will be an amazing trainer, YOU WENT THROUGH THE WORST thing any athlete ever could and you will have compassion and strength to help the child that is hurting like no one could. I know I cannot ask God why this happened. . But I know that in my heart  God spared my child from a life in a wheelchair or worse brain damage for a reason. HE IS GOD”S MIRACLE, he has been touched by Jesus himself and all the angels that surround him for a reason. That reason is unknown but he will fight to get to that future God has planned for him. It will be something amazing for us all to see I know it.

As I sit in the corner of his room at Kessler rehabilitation while he sleeps this night and here him breathing and that’s all I need to here. He is alive, that’s all I need. Whatever the future holds for our child I don't know yet. He has shown me more strength, heart, and determination than any human being I know. The tolerance for excruciating pain on an hourly basis and he gets through it is too much to bear as a parent to see your child suffer. But we here love him supporting him and getting him through just the next minute. That’s all we are living through is the next minute to get our son through I have no idea what the future holds for his treatment or how long it will take but I can promise you Tim and I will do anything to help our son. TYLER IS A LIVING MIRACLE...You here about it in the world happening and it happened to my child.Tyler aquired c-dif and as a result lost 30 lbs in a very short time period.He struggled for weeks at rehab fighting to regain everything that was lost. so many things will take time only god knows what will be.

video tribute to tyler:

 highlights of Tyler before injury