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Tyler’s Story

Welcome to Tyler's Caringbridge page.Tyler is in remission from Rhabdomyosarcoma. He is still facing many surgeries due to complications from the cancer. Please read my story to find out more about Tyler. Please be sure to leave us a note in our guest book letting us know you were here.
Hope love and prayers.Together we can save
Tyler Tucker


At Christmas, just after Tyler turned two he fell on a small toy car and scratched his jaw. The jaw swelled and by New Years Day we had to take him to the hospital. The hospital staff said that Tyler needed surgery to remove a cist. Doctor Wilson did the surgery and came out with tears in his eyes. He said that the problem was not a cist, it is cancer and that he sent a portion of the extracted material to the lab to have it analyzed. The results came back as Rhabdomyosarcoma of the Mandible. When the results arrived, January 30, we were called to his office and he cried with us. Tyler was admitted to MUSC immediately. We felt this couldn't be happening to our baby not Tyler. The staff at MUSC has been wonderful and we were like family. We learned to love everyone there. Tyler has stolen the heart of everyone on Floor 7b.
Tyler was having trouble breathing because of his jaw so the Doctor's decided a tracheotomy was needed. At the same time, Tyler's jaw fell so the medical staff had to wire the jaw shut. Then he couldn't keep feeding tubs in forcing them to replace the tube six times.
After radiation and chemo Tyler underwent surgery again where they took a bone from Tyler's leg and transplanted it into the jaw. Shortly thereafter it was diagnosed that the cancer have moved to his lungs. Both lungs were infected. Tyler lost the upper right portion of the right lung and chemo seemed to clear up the left lung, as a result of this surgery a chest tub was inserted. Tyler was so strong that he went walking down the hall with that chest tub. Doctor York said she wants a picture of Tyler to go over her desk. She said that he was the strongest kid that she had ever seen and that he was her miracle baby.
It has been really hard on our family. Ashley only twenty three and can't work and Tyler in and out of doctor offices and all the trips then and now. But God has been with us and he has got us this far. Tyler had four staff infections while he was in the hospital, which encompassed most of 2003. We took a camper and stayed in it at Lake Air campground so we could be with Tyler and Ashley.

Tyler is now in remission. This doesn't mean he is cured or better in anyway.

Sadly The cancer has done so much damage to Tylers little body.

He has been through 59 of 2014 We will have to take him to MUSC or University of Maryland  for his entire life. He will spend his entire life going through this he will never be 100% better as the doctors told us. He has had a lung removed, and 1/2 of his leg bone tooken out to replace his jaw. Now his jaw replacement isn't working with the leg bone so they have to fix that soon. Not only this he tends to get sick often. He won't be able to do things like normal kids cause of these things. We also have been told he won't eat like other kids, and maybe never able to have a baby when he is older.

The cancer he had isn't like most common cancers we have only found 5-6 other kids (This isn't 100% accurate, but the amount is very small in the USA we are just going on what we have found on the net.) Alot of them have had it come back or passed away from it sadly . Tyler wasn't suppose to live is what the doctors told us. We are very lucky to have him I know he is gonna make it!!!!!!

The chance of Tyler's cancer coming back is very high, but we think he will be fine cause we are trying so hard to get so much support for him, and having the whole world caring about him. We have hope, and Tyler is a warrior!

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Poor Tyler's been through a lot and could sure use some cheery mail to remind him that he's special and loved by God! Share a little joy with Tyler by sending him some "happy mail."

Latest Journal Update


Hi this is Tyler's mom Ashley ,Thank every one that helped with Tyler's trip to Charleston for surgery on his mouth .Tyler will have more surgery coming up.he's doing good for now .

Now I need to ask another favor My husband has three bones broken in his back . He fell out our back door and can not work .He is going to a surgeon tomorrow.

Tyler has two brothers and I need help with Christmas

For them .Didn't won't to wait till last mim

I have got a interview today at dollar general

Please pray I get the job .we have hit the bottom

With bad luck .

I am using my moms internet because I don't have Internet .So if any one can help please email my mom.

Or put donations in her pay pal account at turpin10648@

As my moms friend says it's all in gods hands

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Brandon & Karen **
By concerned caringbridge member..
Hope that you guys get jobs so that you can provide for your children. We would love to hear about tyler after his surgery and what they are saying about his bones in his jaw .. the necrosis.. ? what happened with that ?
Why are you constantly needing donations for every birthday and christmas.? Caringbridge is for medical issues and keeping people informed.. You need to start a go fund me.. Some people are not comfortable sending you cash money anymore because of the frequency in which you are asking and it doesn't seem to be about tyler and his health, Allow tyler to read about how other kids are dealing with life after cancer. We celebrate the fact that he is cancer free and he deserves to have a positive outcome. What about some recent pictures of tyler. There has to be some good things that happen instead of this attitude of financial despair. You guys need to work and keep a job. You have many kids to provide for and its your responsibility to be responsible for all their expenses.. We have not received any information about clothes sizes.. or anything like that and sending you cash and gas cards is not going to happen anymore from our family because I am not sure that it is legitimate need or that you are just using tylers medical history to get people to provide for all of you. wifi is free in many hotspots... Money is hard to come by for those of us who work ... I often take side jobs that I don't like but do it because it is income... Theres not reason why people your age does not have full time jobs with the number of children that you guys have... Caringbridge is sharing medical information and we are here to provide support... not a paycheck.
Bonnie Ermilio
By Bonnie Ermilio
I'm sending LOTS of prayers to all of you!!!!
Brandon & Karen **
By survivors@
Share a list for the kids and people can send whatever. Clothes sizes.

Hasn't it been a few years since he hurt his back ... From falling out the door ?
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Shelly Jermyn
By Shelly J
Tyler is always in our prayers. Can you do a wishlist at Walmart and share that so we could send something?
Ann Powell
By Ann
Your local Salvation Army/Angel Tree can help with Christmas. They purchase gifts, rather than give you cash. Prayers for Tyler and the family.
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