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Mi historia

This site is in honor of our brave little fighter, Tyler, who passed away on October 30, 2008, at the age of 7, after a three and a half year fight with a brainstem tumor. We love you Ty, forever and always.

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Tyler was born on September 9,2001. After a ten day stay in the NICU for treatment of Group B Strep Ty was able to come home.He was a pretty healthy little guy until 2004. In late 2004, Tyler slowly started showing symptoms that were so vague and came and left so quickly we just chalked it up to his being 3 years old, and 3 year olds can be quite challenging most of the time. Ty's symptoms varied and started out with him just constantly rubbing his eyes, which we thought might be allergies. He stopped that, and then I noticed that he was so much more irritable than he usually was, but I remember Nate being the same way when he was 3.Soon his mouth started to droop, but it was very subtle and couldn't be noticed most of the time. However when his left eye started to droop as well, we knew something was going on. He was also suffering from headaches. They started out mild, but by the time of diagnoses he was having them often throughout the day and was also vomiting 3-4 mornings a week. He was misdiagnosed as having Bell's Palsy and we had to push for him to get a CAT scan. In June of 2005 we were told he had a tumor on his brainstem. Ty had about 80% of it resected the next week. He then went through a 52 week protocol of Carboplatin/Vincristine. Ty finished that protocol in October2006. He was symtpm free until April of 07. We started on Vinblasitne but only made it through about 6 weeks before the tumor grew some more. We stopped the Vinblastine, and after surgery to relieve some of Ty's symptoms,he was started on Vincristine. The tumor did not change on the Vincristine, but Ty's body could not handle it. He lost all reflexes and became quite off balance.Currently we are at the beginning of 6 weeks of radiation therapy.Ty is doing well. He is a very brave and patient little boy. His big brother Nate has also been through alot with all of this happening, and we are very proud of both of them! Nate and Ty also have a new baby sister, Isabella, who was born in October(2006). Although doctor's are optimistic, they cannot give us a direct answer when we ask about Tyler's long-term prognosis. It is very frustrating to have a child with such a serious illness and have so LITTLE information out there to work with! We will keep up the journal whenever we have any updates. Thank you all for keeping the family in your prayers:-)


Meg Hibinger posted a new journal entry, "And It Hits You".

Not a day goes by that I don't think about Ty, or look at his picture and smile, or just plain feel him with me. I always feel him with me. I always miss that physical ... Lea más

Catt Jenkins signed Tyler's Guestbook.

Meg, Jay, Nate, Bella, and Angel Ty..... I'm thinking of you today.  I think of you all very often.  Just know that you haven't been forgotten.much love,Catt Lea más

Laura Engler signed Tyler's Guestbook.

I know very much how you feel.  I live this way, and know now that I always will. I thought of you and your son when the tree near my house turned orange at the same time ... Lea más

Kim Vaughn signed Tyler's Guestbook.

It warmed my heart to read about how you treated this Tyler, I'm sure it would make your own Tyler so happy! I'm so sorry for the unexpected times and ways that this grief ... Lea más

Kim Vaughn signed Tyler's Guestbook.

You and your family have been heavy on my heart this week.  I wanted to get online to sign on Ty's Angel-versary, but the day didn't go quite as planned.  I hope that ... Lea más

Meg Hibinger posted a new journal entry, "I Am Thankful".

I wrote this as our first Thanksgiving without Ty was approaching. There are always reasons to be thankful. <3 I Am ThankfulDear Tyler,This Thanksgiving, I am ... Lea más

Laura Engler signed Tyler's Guestbook.

There is so much that I want to say to you, but for now...I just can't put the words together.  I am very proud to be allowed to hear you...I am very proud and ... Lea más

Kim Vaughn signed Tyler's Guestbook.

It is such a blessing to read more about Ty, and the wisdom you're able to share as you continue to survive this heartbreaking experience.&nbsp; You know how proud you ... Lea más

Gail Puckett signed Tyler's Guestbook.

What a precious story and many thanks for sharing this with us.&nbsp; I followed Ty until he left us for heaven.&nbsp; God bless you. Lea más

Jen Rocco signed Tyler's Guestbook.

Thank you for sharing your story. It surely tugged at my heart. Sal adored Ty. When we visit family at the cemetery,&nbsp;he always asks to ... Lea más

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