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I Am Thankful

I wrote this as our first Thanksgiving without Ty was approaching. There are always reasons to be thankful. <3 

I Am Thankful

Dear Tyler,

This Thanksgiving, I am thankful.
I am thankful for the kisses I got from you, and the ones I was able to give.
I am thankful for the hugs, and the hugs I got to give you.
I am thankful for the nails on your hands that I got to cut.
I am thankful for the hair on your head that I got to buzz.
I am thankful for that freckle above your eyebrow that I was lucky enough to kiss every day.
I am thankful for the amazingly beautiful eyes I got to stare into that belonged to you. I am thankful for the love they shared when they stared back at me.
I am thankful for the sweetest smile that there ever was. I am thankful that because of that smile, I got to smile a little more. 
I am thankful for the times I got to witness the love you held for your sister, your brother, your family, your friends. I am thankful we all had a chance to experience this love from you, and share it with you.
I am thankful for your goofy dances, your amazing singing, your delicious bakery, your sense of humor, your laugh.
I am thankful for the songs that remind me of you. 
I am thankful for all of the pictures that capture your soul with those sparkling eyes and joyous smile.
I am thankful for the memories that let me still hear you, feel you, see you, and hug you.
I am thankful that I was chosen to be your mommy. 
I am thankful that I got to spend time with a true HERO, a super hero if you ask me.
I am thankful that I got to spend seven amazing years with my sweet baby boy.
I am thankful to God, for lending me his precious angel. 
I am thankful to God for healing you, and keeping you in His care until we get there to be with you.
I am thankful to God, and to You, for continuing to give us those special signs that let us know that you ARE here, always.
This Thanksgiving, Ty, I am THANKFUL FOR YOU. I miss you and I love you. 
Happy Thanksgiving, sweet baby boy!!!
Wishing you mountains of mashed potatoes, rolling hills of “rolls”, lakes filled with Rootbeer and Dr. Pepper, boats of gravy, and the biggest dessert table there ever was!! 
Love always and forever,
Mommy, Daddy, Nateo, Bella, and Sammi

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