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A Thank you from Ty to all of you.....

A Thank you from Ty: He Posted on his wall. I had to share with you....

A Gigantic Thank You!, to all of the sponsors, Deer Pass Staff, Highland community, friends, and family to all of your time and relentless efforts to help make Sunday's Gold Fundraiser such a mind blowing success! My "gigantic thank you" ,honestly, is not enough for how much I truly am thankful for everyone who helped support and make Sunday happen! Again, honestly the words, "thank you"....there is no ...phrase or word(s) that could ever express what I feel for all you! My heart and love goes out to all you!
Chad and everyone at Deerpass GC, you are so awesome for opening up the course for this fundraiser and all the others you host. You guys just rocked. Chad, you and your staff are so amazing and again thank you is not enough. And, to the Highland Community of family and guys never cease to amaze me and encourage me with how much support, love and just everything you do. You all are my friends and family in one. I love how you all are always able to pull together and support those in who are in need and just love on them. Love you all. So incredibly blessed to be part of this community. And to all my friends, thank you for all the hard work and years of support and love you give in my darkest hours of struggle. And to my family, I love you all so much! Always supporting and loving me, day in and day out, with your prayers, words of encouragement, relentless efforts, and always being there in every small and large step of the way of my life! So thankful to God who made me part of the this incredibly awesome and such loving family! Love you and thank you so so much!
Sunday, I sat and watched so many people (whether they knew each other or not) come together and represent God's love and love on, not just me, but one another! It was truly humbling and a blessing to see and be part of it all! Thank you all so much and may God bless you all!

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Joyce Nosker
By Joyce Nosker
Fantastic Ty! God bless you.
Rita Jean Wagar
By Rita Jean Wagar
I am so VERY thankful the fundraiser was a success.
Rita Jean Wagar
By Rita Jean Wagar
I am so VERY thankful the fundraiser was a success.
nina hose
By Nina
It Was Definitely Humbling And Awesome. I Enjoyed Just Sitting And Talking With you.
Beverly Olson
By Beverly Olson
Super sweet, Ty!
leona hensel
By leona hensel
God puts angels among us whenever we need them. Sometimes we know them and sometimes we don't. They are always there to encourage us when we need it or just to let us know that we are loved. All love and prayers from Illinois