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Movin things up

Hi everyone,

I just got back from taking Josh down to OSU for orientation the past few days.  It was fun.  He had a great time and is excited to be heading off to college.  Man, that kid is smart.  I'll have to tell you all a story sometime soon about our trip and how he blew the sox off the director of the College of Engineering.

Anyway, as we've told you, Ty's condition is not maintaining.  Karen informed me when we got back that they (Cleveland Clinic) are going to move up his testing from a 4 month span to 1 to 2 months.

Got to cut this short, I have to run.

Keepin' the Faith,


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cindi falzon
Good. Glad they are moving up his testing.
They can't continue to let him remain un-helped in the condition he's in. Keep them informed of his worsening condition. Keep them informed everyday. Be a squeaky wheel. They aren't gonna know how he is unless you are proactive, and I know you feel like you are way beyond tired of doing everything you can do already. Praying for your strength too! love you!
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leona hensel
By leona hensel
Sending prayers from Illinois . This could be a blessing in disguise . This is a good thing because if there's a new problem they can catch it right away instead of waiting 4 months. All my love and prayers
Melanie Kettner-Borough
By Melanie Kettner-Borough
Sending love and prayers from Marbella, Spain. The Kettner-Boroughs xxxx
Beverly Olson
By Beverly Olson, Cuyahoga Falls, OH
So happy to hear the news about Josh and your visit to OSU with him. NOT happy to hear that Tyler is struggling so. Praying for a miracle...ANY miracle of God's choosing. Please keep up posted, dear Regis.

Still praying...won't quit!
Kris Dillenbeck
By Kris Dillenbeck
Praying for Tyler everyday.
Julie Barnes
By Julie Barnes
Thoughts and prayers continue for you Tyler. We love you and continually pray for you. God Bless!!!

C.O.L.E's Prayer Team,
Caring Openly, Loving Eternally