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Tyler’s Story

After being diagnosed a 3rd time with leukemia, and a bone marrow transplant  in March 2010, Tyler continues to fight this battle.  However, God continues to work in his life today.  For Tyler's story, read his background story below. You can also hear and download the song written for Tyler called "Keep the Faith" on the link www.dismantlerepair.net or join his Facebook group..."Support for Tyler". We appreciate all of your love and prayers.

At age 6, while living in San Diego, Tyler was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia, a malignant disease (cancer) of the bone marrow and blood.  Acute leukemia is a rapidly progressing disease that results in the accumulation of immature, functionless cells in the marrow and blood. 

He spent the following 2 1/2 years going to the hospital for chemotherapy treatments.  In June 2001, we were so excited to know that his treatment was finished and celebrated with our family and friends. 

After several years in remission, on May 25, 2005 at the age of 12 years, while living near Pittsburgh, he would face it again and endure another 3 1/2 years of chemo. 

He finished his chemo treatment in the summer of 2008.  Things have been going well and we have been looking forward to Tyler's Senior year in high school.  We have been getting prepared with school with such things like new school supplies, clothes and Senior portraits. 

In September of 2009, Tyler went in for his monthly routine check-up.  During his checkup, his doctor checked his neurological state and asked him to follow her finger where she pointed.  When she pointed up above, the iris of his right eye was not as strong and did not go to the same level as his left.   She suggested we go to an opthomalogist to see why the iris on Tyler's right eye was lower than his left during a routine neurological test.

Several days prior, he started feeling tingly sensation on the right side of his face, headaches, nausea, and neck pain.  After talking on the phone with the clinic, it was suggested we go down to have a CT scan and MRI  of Tyler's brain were they found a few lesions.  A 15mm lesion was putting pressure on an optic nerve that controls 4 muscles to the right eye. 

With his doctor on vacation the clinic still felt it was important enough for us to be seen by another doctor.   The next day, after a painful spinal and bone marrow test, we found out the horrible news, the lesions were a result of leukemia in his brain.

After his last diagnosis in September 2009, he immediately started chemotherapy.  It was then determined a bone marrow transplant (BMT) would be necessary.  We were blessed with a perfect match donor, his sister, Chelsea.  The BMT took place in March 2010. 

It has  been four years since that day.  Since then, Tyler has been dealing with late effects from his 6 years of chemotherapy and radiation treatments as well as Chronic Graft vs. Host Disease.  He currently has Pulmonary Fibrosis and Bronchiolitis Abliterands .....read the journal for further details.....

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Latest Journal Update


Yesterday started very early for us.  Tyler messaged me at 4 am to let  me know he had been coughing.  Regis and Chelsea had gone home the night before and I have been staying at the Ronald McDonald house.   I arrived at 4:45 am and was just in time to help him as he had a reaction to a blood pressure medicine called hydrazaline.  His heart rate spiked and he had tingling in his face as well as a flush face.  His chest started hurting too.  All I saw was his heart rate kept increasing even into 140's. Once the nurse gave medicine to treat it, he seemed fine.  

The pneumonia is getting better with the antibiotics they have been giving to him.  They decided not to do the bronchoscopy yesterday as it was too risky and could put him respiratory failure.  The decided to just monitor him.  He then went onto the bi-pap machine for several  hours which opened up the alveoli which are tiny sacks within the lungs making  it easier for him to breathe.  He also received medication to help.  After the three hours on the bi-pap, he didn't need as high amount of oxygen and ended up only using 4 liters per minute.  

Amazing to think that one and a half weeks ago, when he was at home, he was at 6 liter per minute with 15 liters per minute with activity but had struggled in the shower that day with 30 lpm and couldn't breathe.  

Well, after work last night, Chelsea and Micah came to visit.   Micah wanted to play the guitar for Tyler, thinking it might relax him.   He is an amazing man with such a caring, compassionate heart to be so concerned about Tyler like he did.  Truly a precious gift to our family.  So blessed and honored to have him be a part of our family.  I thank God every day for bringing such a wonderful Godly man in Chelsea's life and have him as part of our family.  

In the hallway of the hospital I ran into Tyler's doctor.  I was so grateful for all he had done to help get Tyler his lungs.  During our lengthy conversation, he explained how he was glad things worked out for Tyler. Then he explained how he passed up several lung possibilities because Tyler's lung cavity was smaller in size.  I marveled at the fact that they wait to find the right lungs and not just pick the first ones that come their way that are the same blood type.  It makes me in awe of how intricate our bodies are made by our Creator.   I never thought much about the decision the doctors needed to make when it came to the lungs.  Wow!  Thank you Lord for giving the wisdom to his doctors for Tyler and his lungs.  

Now, as of 3 pm today, he was transferred to a regular room, a step down from the ICU, and one more step closer for him to get home.  Hard to believe but he is currently at a oxygen level of 2 liters per minute.  Amazing!  

Thank you all for your continued prayers for Tyler and our family.  And thank you to the many who have helped our family.  We have truly been blessed with great family and friends who have cared for us.  Words are not enough to express how grateful we are for your love and kindness. 

Please continue to pray for those we have met needing or just receiving a transplant.  May God give them strength and healing.

In Christ, Karen 
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leona hensel
By ,Leona hensel — last edited
We are definitely fearfully and wonderfully made. It's amazing how intricate and amazing our bodies work that He created . Remember Karen, we prayed for God to give the doctors wisdom as for what they needed to do regarding Tyler's lung transplant. Thank God for that victory. I always expect that He's gonna answer every time I pray but what He does to make it happen and the result never ceases to amaze and around me. Glad his pneumonia us doing good. God loves Tyler's compassionate heart and my team are praying for protection around his heart and his new lungs. We all love him and your whole family. I anxiously await your posts each day to find out how everybody especially our little darlin' Tyler. Through the posts we have gotten to know all of you. After all cancer affects the whole family. Love and prayers for Tyler's continued progress your Illinois prayer team.
Josette Polancic
By Love, Josette Polancic
We have an awesome God! So blessed by your family's great faith in Him! We are inspired by each person in your family, the love of Christ is obvious in all of you, we will continue to pray,
God bless you richly!
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Laura Bell
By Laura Bell
Thank you so much for the update...Continued prayers for all of you. Look at how far Tyler has come in just a week! Simply amazing. Thanks be to God...
1 person hearted this
Ken Weiner
By Kenny
Karen: Words are more than enough!
1 person hearted this
Kris Dillenbeck
By Kris Dillenbeck
WOW...that is wonderful news......GOD is sooooo good. Continued thoughts and prayers are with Tyler and all of you.
1 person hearted this
Melanie Kettner-Borough
By Melanie Kettner-Borough
We are so blessed to hear all the good news. Continuing in prayer with thanksgiving. Xx
1 person hearted this
Aunt T Cartier
By Theresa, Adam, Michael, and Mary Beth
Hello Rege, Karen, Chelsea, Tyler and Josh: Glad to hear Tyler continues to progress and do well. Prayin and prayin. Keep your chin up and your faith even higher. You're a fighter, Ty. You can beat this pneumonia and all the other hurdles on the track.
1 person hearted this
Beverly Olson
By Beverly Olson, Cuyahoga Falls, OH
I'm happy to hear that Tyler is doing better. Little by little, one day at a time. I am still praying for him and for the whole precious Froats family.
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Sarah Nixdorf
By Sarah Nixdorf
Umazing . thinking of you.
Www.caringbridge.org/ visit/ sarahnixdorf
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