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Tyler’s Story

Welcome to our CaringBridge site. We've created it to keep friends and family updated. We appreciate your support and words of hope and encouragement during this time when it matters most.

Latest Journal Update


I am writing this final post to my CaringBridge site, in order to update those who care about my son, Tyler Burton, and those who have supported him and the family during these difficult times. I want to let you know that Tyler is doing wonderful, we are doing wonderful! The past four months have been a journey, and a gift from God. My son is a beautiful young man who is even more beautiful after all that he has been through. We are still in awe of this miracle of my sons healing when we were told there was no hope. While many prayed, we give full credit for this miracle to our loving, faithful God. Doctors who have been monitoring his progress are very pleased. Nothing will stop Gods' miracle!
While I am thankful to all who have been praying and encouraging my son through every obstacle, there have been some who are taking this very private and personal experience of ours and putting it on public display. At first, the prayers were comforting, however things have really gone sideways and facts have been bent and people who do not even know my family feel entitled to judge what they do not know, and choose to believe what is incorrect and are attempting to turn this beautiful blessing into something that I have NOT and will NOT be a part of. My son for the last week has been asking that the Facebook page Praying for Tyler Burton be shut down and because we have seen how upset this has made him, we decided to end the CaringBridge as well.We also feel that Tyler is very capable of keeping or not keeping you posted.
Let's set the record straight -
1) I never abandoned my son.
We have always had a special bond that we are very proud of.
2) We have nothing to gain financially.
Wow! For anybody to suggest this is ridiculous, I have taken four months off of work and have been with my son every day since Oct 28th.We have not received any funding for Tyler's expenses except from family and close friends and The Praying For Tyler Burton nonprofit Bank of America donation account that I opened one month ago and it has only been used for Tyler's medical expenses that are not covered by my medical.
3 ) His medical setbacks are not from his current care, and we were forewarned ahead of time that these were a possibility. The doctors have assured us that we have taken correct actions in my sons care.
4) My husband is awesome. He has been my rock! He is patient, extremely helpful, is wonderful with my son, and is the reason our home is a peaceful, loving, positive place where we can focus on Tylers' needs. This is why the Guardian through the court thought our home was the best place for Tyler to live.
This is a family matter and we will protect Tyler from anything that threatens his well being. He is and always will be one of Gods greatest miracles in our eyes.
We are Requesting privacy and respect to focus on Tyler right now, and ask those of you who do not know what is happening in Tylers life to please stop encouraging the negative posting on facebook. Thank you for understanding.
God bless you.
P.S There was a benefit concert planned for this weekend. I apologize for any that have not been notified it has been cancelled for now.