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Tyler’s Story

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Our little boy, Tyler (4), developed a fever on June 16th that after 6 days lead us to the lab for some blood testing and a chest x-ray. This test revealed that his white blood cell count was low, and as a result he was admitted to CHOC at Mission Hospital.  There the staff of doctors did an extensive work up for "fever of unknown origin" that culminated in a bone marrow biopsy on July 12.  The next day things got pretty wobbly for us when the doctors confirmed the diagnosis of Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia, or ALL /Pre B, which is a cancer of the white blood cell line. The good news is that treatability of ALL has improved dramatically in recent years because of new chemotherapy agents, so all those dollars donated to cancer research really are helping.

After a good cry (which helped to get the head cleansed and a cemented a solid foundation for me get my heart connected  for the road to recovery) Jen and I brought Tyler down to the Rady Children's Hospital Peckham Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders in San Diego. On July 16th Tyler had an indwelling intravenous line called a portacath surgically placed so he could begin chemotherapy. 

As I was driving down to San Diego on wed, I got a call from Lance around 11 pm his time in France (after climbing 18k!!). He gave me a couple of things to think about and after the call was finished... I was good to go. For the most part, Lance has been really supportive and a great symbol of hope and courage to help me keep on track. It has been priceless to have his support at this time and moment as he is bit busy with his day job. 

Tylers chemo regimen will be intensive dosing at first then the doses will be less frequent later.  He will be "in chemotherapy" for the next 3 1/2 years. There is way more to it, but I want to keep it simple.

With that said, all I know is this has been a crazy month and Jen and I are feeling beat down but still have our heads straight for the fight ahead. The greatest thing on our side that keeps me strong are our friends & family. Without the kind words and shared bits of wisdom and knowledge we are getting from everyone, we would have crashed and burned by now.

You never lose until you give up!
-Blick and Jen

Latest Journal Update


Been a few months now and I thought I would do a quick check in and check out.....

Tyler has been off chemo since mid-September and his body is slowly adjusting. Should take around a year for everything to "be back to normal" whatever that is???? I am noticing his hair is getting thicker and his appetite is increasing a tad, depending on if he likes what I am serving him (or not...). He is currently going through all the fun "coming off treatment" testing the hospital requires to establish baselines in various areas in which to monitor him with (heart/liver/brain function etc....). As expected there are certain chemo drugs that he has taken that has created a few other issues which will now require other sorts of rehab type therapy, not ideal but its not entirely unexpected. We will still also be going to the hospital 1x per month for his regular lab/oncology appointments for the next many years and then every other month after that. 

Moving forward in 2014 its our goal to get "us" outside as much as possible. There is a ban on tv/ipads/computers for the kids until after dinner is over which was a little interesting at first but is working out well now. 

SOCCER!!! This past month the AYSO Winter Soccer season started up and Tyler and Kira are playing on teams on Saturdays. They both seem to really enjoy it and it is such a nice way to spend Saturday cheering them on. Tyler's team is very skillful and has so far won every game by 8 goals or so..... This is Tyler's first time playing soccer and his coach Manuel cheers and encourages Tyler to get into scoring position all game long to hopefully have him score his first goal. Has been close a few times but he is sure trying:)

CUB SCOUTS!!! Tyler had been asking to join Cub Scouts since Kindergarten (but we couldn't until now!). We found a great Pack with Saddleback Church that has about 50 boys in it. Tyler has been able to shoot a bow/arrow, hammer nails, learn about tools, first aid and meet some new friends. He really enjoys the meetings and it gives him a chance to do some fun "guy types of activities" with daddy (who had also been a cub scout!!!). They are both looking forward to the upcoming pinewood derby and bike rodeo:)

BASEBALL/SOFTBALL!!! As soon as soccer ends baseball/softball season will begin. This will be Tyler's 3rd year (he missed about 90% of last year though) and will play Single A baseball and Kira's 1st year trying out softball. The kids are looking forward to spending more time with their friends and I am looking forward to hanging out with all our baseball families friends several nights a week. Funny when I went to put on Tyler's cleats a few days before tryouts I quickly found out he grew 2 sizes in 1 year:)

STEVE and MYSELF.... Steve's crazy travel/work season is just about to launch off and will be almost non-stop until the fall. In between adventures he plans on riding his bike as much as possible and cheering the kids on in their activities. Myself I am looking forward getting the winter germ season over with and getting back to Yoga or Ballet or heck maybe even both!!! 

We want to thank you all for your support over the past 3 1/2 years and look forward to seeing everyone outside:)
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Jenna Fowler
By Jenna Fowler
Hi Tyler!
I am glad to hear you are off treatment and will be praying you can be cancer free. I am happy to hear you are getting oustide more. That is awesome that you are playing sports! I love sports too! I am happy you are in club scouts and enjoying it!
I am praying and keeping you in my thoughts.