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June 8,2013 kidney Transplant
June 17 got to go home

Hi my name is Ty Clark (a.k.a. Tiger) ,and this is my story...

I'm a 10 year old boy from Groton,N.H. I have a big brother, Nathan, and a little brother, Dakota. They're both pretty cool, and I like playing with them. My mom and dad, Heather and Roy, work really hard and they take great care of me. I love my family!

I'm a fourth grade student at the Bridgewater-Hebron Village School. When I was a baby I started getting sick all of the time, and the doctors finally discovered that my kidneys were too small. Eventually, I had to have a kidney transplant, which took place on June 8, 2013. Things were going pretty good at first, but at the end of August I started getting really tired and kept running a fever. After many doctors visits I was told that I had an EBV infection (“Mononucleosis”).

Since then I've been in and out of the hospital a lot. I now have a disorder that I have to receive treatments for in order to get rid of it. The treatments are going to take many weeks. I'm lucky that I live so close to a great hospital. All of the doctors and nurses at ChaD take great care of me.

Since I haven't been able to go to school much, I miss my classmates and friends. I get lots of cards from them, saying how much they miss me, and that they want me to get better. Some of my favorite things to do when I'm feeling good is riding dirt bikes, fishing, playing PS3 and spinning around in my go kart. I also LOVE monster trucks! My two best friends to hang out with are Roman and Devin.

Thanks for visiting my page. I like reading all of the messages that everyone leaves me. They brighten my day and always make me smile, so check back often!




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We are at Dartmouth hospital r today getting my chemo treatment.then I get 2 weeks off again. Then I'm going to my moms school bake sale then too the bhvs spaghetti dinner Read more

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Hello, Ty! I just saw you on TV! You were in an ad for CHaD and NH Chronicle on WMUR 9 ... The show is on TV tonight at 7:00 pm Wow! Happy new year! Mrs. Paiva Read more

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Happy Thanksgiving Ty!  I hope you eat lots of yummy food and have fun with your family! Read more

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Hi Ty,Calvin, Cale, Mr. Swanson, and I are looking forward to seeing you tonight!Mrs. Swanson Read more

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Hi Ty,i am am very excited to see you tonight!  I hope all went well today!  We miss you lots!  Keep smiling!Love, Mrs. maxner Read more

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Hi Ty,How are you?  Some of your friends have sent you emails to your school email address, so be sure to check those out when you have a chance.Mr. Andrews sent dinner ... Read more

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Hi Ty,I hope things are going well.  We miss seeing you in class.  I hope your  tutoring is going well.  How did you like seeing the first snow fall??Love, Mrs. Maxner Read more

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Last night I went to baker River Bible Church teens for Christ youth group. We played human fuze ball, life size Jenga, match the number, devotional, and food. Had an ... Read more

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