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I just wanted to give everyone a quick update....

 We've had a wonderful time being at home these past several weeks. Tristin looks amazing and feels great. I'm so thankful we're on this DFMO trial. His quality of life has been incredible these past 2 months at home. Have I ever said how much I love the word "normal" ? 
  The main picture is from the Color Me Rad race we worked a couple weeks ago for the Make A Wish Foundation. Tristin, Erin, and I were at the orange station (kinda obvious I guess). It's not often you get to throw colored cornstarch at people and not get in trouble :) Fun day....
   Tristin will be doing the Nashville Half Marathon with us again on April 27!!! I'm so proud of him. It would be easy for him to make up any excuse or just not want to do it period and everyone would understand. The kid's been through 3 years of crap,  but that's not Tristin. He's a Rockstar. 
   Thank you for keeping us in your prayers. 

With Love, Hope, and Faith,