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  Tristin and I came back home from Michigan last Friday. Scans are STABLE!!! Answered prayers! Dr. Sholler said that we can stay on the DFMO since he's feeling really good. The Phase 2 of the Molecular Guided Therapy trial is open and we will more than likely get on it at the beginning of summer. Tristin didn't want to miss any more school and we would need to be away for a month to begin it. If everything works out as planned, we will continue with what we're doing for now and enjoy being at home for 2 months....wow. I honestly can't remember how long it's been since we were at home for that long. Also, since there's no side effects with the DFMO, he should feel great for his Make A Wish trip at the end of May!!!!!!! Thank you for everyone's prayers. 

With Love, Hope, and Faith,