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   We've had a really nice past couple of weeks. Tristin is feeling good and isn't complaining of anything. He even started playing tennis with his school team. I'm so thankful he doesn't let anything hold him back and he's out there being a teenager and living life as he's suppose to. 
   We go back to Michigan next week for scans. I just have to believe that the way he feels right now, it's a good sign that scans are going to be good and we will continue on the DFMO trial. If things are stable or improved, we probably won't have to go back for 2 months. Wow, you have no idea how good that sounds, normal life for 2 months.....However, if there's any new spots , we'll deal with it with our heads up, stay determined,  and continue to fight like we always have and know that God is in control. 
   In April, we will be running/walking in the Nashville St. Jude's Country Half Marathon with Emily's Power For A Cure. Bronde and I did the Chattanooga Half Marathon last weekend. It went about like I expected. I saw Bronde for the first minute and then she left me in the dust. By the time I finished, she was already back at the coffee shop making lattes and smoothies. But I did finish and within the cutoff time limit :) Here's a letter I'm sending out to businesses and friends. I just copied and pasted it. If some of you would like to donate to our fundraising page, that would be wonderful. The money my family raises will go to Neuroblastoma cancer research and to help with Tristin's travel and medical expenses. If you can't donate anything, that's fine too. We understand. I'm just so thankful we have so many people lifting us up in prayer, thinking, and caring about us. That means more to us than you will ever know.

God Bless,


"Children with cancer are like candles in
the wind who accept the possibility that they are in danger of being
extinguished by a gust of wind from nowhere, and yet, as they flicker and dance
to remain alive, their brilliance challenges the darkness and dazzles those of
us who watch their light." ~ Author Unknown


    Three years ago, our lives were changed
forever.  As a parent, there are certain
things you should never have to hear. I pray that you will never have to
experience what we were told three years ago, that our beautiful 13 year old
son, Tristin, had Stage 4 Neuroblastoma cancer. 
After several trips to the pediatrician and ER for stomach and back
pain, an ultrasound was ordered and revealed a water bottle size mass in his
abdomen.  I remember praying every day
and night for the first couple of months hoping that this was all just a bad
dream, that I would wake up and everything would be ok, that everything would
be just like it was before.  But it
wasn’t a dream, it was real, and it was happening to us.  How could my perfectly happy and healthy
child all of a sudden be diagnosed with a cancer!?  How is that even possible!?  I had always seen the St. Jude’s posters with
the cute kids on them and hoped that they would be ok, but I never ever for
once thought that would be us one day……..

      Over our 3 year battle, Tristin has
endured 25 plus rounds of chemo, over 30 sessions of radiation, humanized
antibodies, 3F8 antibodies, needle sticks, blood and platelet transfusions,
countless overnight hospital stays, several surgeries including 1 major 12 hour
surgery removing the massive tumor that was wrapped around his aorta and vena
cava arteries, numerous bone marrow aspirates, MIBG, MRI, CT and PET scans,
etc, etc…..   We have spent the last 2 ½ years traveling each
month to Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York for
treatments.  Last month, after scans
revealed the disease was still slowly progressing, we were told our options
were getting low and they recommended we seek out new trials elsewhere.

       After a couple weeks of uncertainty, not
knowing what was going to happen or where we would end up, we were able to get
on a trial in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Tristin started a new clinical trial on
compassionate use basis called DFMO. 
It’s a Phase 2 trial and was funded by organizations just like Emily’s
Power For A Cure that help raise money for new clinical trials for
Neuroblastoma research.  I will never be
able to thank all of these wonderful organizations enough for giving us new
hope and new opportunities.

     On April 27th, my wife and I will
be running again in the Nashville St. Jude’s Half Marathon in an effort to
raise money and awareness for children’s cancer research.  The money we raise will go to Neuroblastoma
research and help us provide Tristin with the best treatment options available
during this financial hardship. Hopefully, Tristin will feel good and be able
to run it with us again this year. Even after enduring so many rounds of
radiation, chemo, and antibody treatment last year, he was determined to do the
half marathon and he did! I couldn’t have been more proud. Tristin’s faith,
courage, determination, strength, and will is unfaltering and he will never
give up on this fight and I will never give up on searching for a cure for him.

~What Cancer Cannot Do~                


Cancer is so limited ~

It cannot cripple Love

It cannot shatter Hope

It cannot corrode Faith

It cannot destroy Peace

It cannot kill Friendship

It cannot suppress Memories

It cannot silence Courage

It cannot invade the Soul

It cannot steal Eternal Life

It cannot conquer the Spirit


     Please consider giving a donation to
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No amount is too big or too
small.  If you’re not able to donate at
this time, I completely understand.  If
you would, I just ask that you please keep us in your prayers while we continue
on this journey.  God bless you and your
family and thank you for taking the time to read our story.

       We keep all of our friends and family
updated on Tristin’s  Caringbridge page


Love, Hope, and Faith,


Jason Greer


1409 Wingate Lane

Hixson, TN 37343

Cell 423-280-6987