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Tristin’s Story

We will be running in the Nashville St. Jude's Half Marathon on April 27th with Emily's Power For A Cure!  Please help us raise money for Neuroblastoma cancer research


With love, hope, and faith, I am starting this web page for my son Tristin Greer.

We are thankful for all of those who love and care for Tristin and support him on this new adventure in our lives. From here you will be able to track his progress and updates.

With Love,
The Greer Family

Tristin is 13 years old and lives in Chattanooga, Tn. He  loves playing soccer and the viola. I think his true love though is  tormenting his twin brothers Austin and Justin.  He's the sweetest fun loving kid that you could ask for and we are so proud of him.   

In August of  2009, Tristin started having some stomach pains. After a couple of days the pain seemed to be getting worse, so we went to the ER. He was diagnosed with appendicitis and had surgery. The doctors  said the  appendix was inflamed and so I feel like they made the right decision. He was fine for a few months but later started having pain in his side. We went back to the ER in December and they were unable to find anything.  We went to the pediatrician in Jan. and Feb. for pain in his lower back, stomach, and vomiting. He was diagnosed with having gastritis and gave him Prevacid. Around the beginning of March, the nurse called us from school and said Tristin was feeling really bad and to pick him up. My mother came and took him back to the pediatrician.  The Dr. felt a hard spot in his abdomin  and  ordered an ultrasound.  I took him to the appointment and that's when they found it. A ct scan was ordered immediately and confirmed that there was a large tumor "The Thing" in his abdominal cavity. A few days later a biopsy was done and the results came back malignant. After several more tests, they were able to confirm it was Neuroblastoma.  After the scans and MIGB tests came back, they found 2 small lymph nodes near the collar bone area. That put him in Stage 4. We were thankful to hear that the bone marrow and bone scans came up clean. We will be going through a 15 month treatment of chemo, surgery, stem cell transplant, radiation, and antibody treatments. Tristin is in extremely good spirits. He is very stubborn(from his mom) and goal oriented and I have no doubt with God watching over him that he is going to kick this "Things" tail.

Latest Journal Update


   Gotta say I'm super proud of my son this weekend. He finished the St. Jude's Nashville Half Marathon for the 2nd year in a row now. It was less than ideal conditions with heavy rains and cold winds the whole race but there was no stopping him and Erin. Six months ago, he could barely walk from the pain and numbness in his legs caused by the tumor pressing on his lower spine. I thank God everyday that he feels so good right now. Our Emily's Power For A Cure marathon team raised over $108,000 for neuroblastoma cancer research!      
      We go back sometime near the end of May for scans to Michigan. Praying Tristin is doing as well on the inside as he looks on the outside. We will decide then what our next treatment options are and what's best for him. His quality of life is so great right now and if the DFMO is improving things, we might keep him on it. I just hate to miss the window to get on the Molecular Guided Therapy trial if he qualifies for it. Just have to keep praying about it and know that The Good Lord will lead us in the right direction.
    We've been talking with Lara and the Make A Wish people for 3 years now. I just have to say that Lara is awesome and has moved mountains to pull this upcoming trip off. She told me that she wasn't going to take no for an answer when she submitted Tristin's wish to their board. I know it's been very challenging  to plan a dream trip when in reality you have no idea what or where you will be each month too. Everything always depends on scans, blood counts, and of course how Tristin is feeling. Who wants to go on a vacation when your throwing up and feeling like crap? We knew our oncology teams would work with us as much as they could so we decided we would take a chance, go for it, and shoot for the beginning of summer when school gets out and hoped everything would fall into place. Tristin's exact wish was "I want to have a tropical paradise vacation. I want to go to  Bora Bora and stay in the overwater bungalows like in the movie Couples Retreat with Vince Vaughn." Well, we will be leaving May 30 and heading off to Bora Bora and staying in the overwater bungalows :)  .......Tropical paradise.
     Thank you for continuing to keep us in your prayers. Please pray that Tristin's scans will be improved when we go to Michigan in a few weeks and that we will be guided in the right direction on what treatment options are best for him. 

 With Hope and Faith,