Make Sure Trey Is Not Alone This Holiday Season

Your contributions to Trey's journal this year made sure that they never felt alone. Your tax-deductible donation in Trey's honor will make sure that Caringbridge continues to bring hope and healing to those who need it most.

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By — Sep 11, 2012 12:38pm
I was reading the last few entries in the guestbook. I have been following Trey's and your family's story for awhile. I happened to look up and see how many times his caring bridge site has been visited. 787,000 times...pretty much close to 1 million times....that's really hard to wrap your brain around that his site has been visited that many times. However, with all these visits, just think about the many people who cared and prayed for your family. His journey and your family's journey had an impact in some way or another on MANY lives. Now people will follow your blog and be blessed and changed for many more years. I didn't know y'all personally, but I know people who did. God bless you and your family and for sharing the hardest thing I'm sure you will endure this side of heaven. Thanks again for sharing!