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Trevor’s Story

Trevor is a caring little boy who is fighting a hard battle against a rare form of cancer, Neuroblastoma. Trevor has decided to start a non-profit organization to help other families that find themselves battling childhood cancer (www.trevorstreasures.org). Please send an email to slhn2010@gmail.com if you would like more information.

After 2 months of the unknown, traveling from specialist to specialist Trevor was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma. His symptoms were leg pain and low grade fever, yes for two straight months. By the time he was diagnosed, the cancer, which started as a tumor on his adrenal gland, had spread into his bone and marrow, making it stage 4.

The news came as an absolute nightmare, but started our journey of what we know will cure Trevor's cancer and mold the way for his long life as a man on a mission to help others in similar situations. Trevor's hunger for knowledge and his caring spirit will carry him through so that he can help others that one day find out that they or their children have cancer.

Latest Journal Update

My Wish

Well today marks one year since my baby boy received his wings. It has been a tough year. A year of firsts I have called it. Our first time going through the events of our lives minus my baby boy. While he has not physically been here there have been times where he lets us know that he is not far away and he continues to watch down on us all. For the past year I have spent time listening to so many songs about losing a loved one. But there is one song that early on in Trevors life I played for him and even created a video with pictures of Trevor to this song that many of you may have seen at some point. While there are so many songs out there that portray the feeling of loss this song is different. It is a song of hope. While this songs meaning may have changed for me the day I lost Trevor it still holds true. Trevor, while you are out there gettin where your gettin to I hope you know I love you. This is my wish. I love you buddy. With all of my heart. You are and will always be MY STRONG BRAVE BOY. Love, M<3M

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Pam Shrauger
By Pam Shrauger
Wow, I made a video of my boy using that song before he was diagnosed with neuroblastoma, too. Such meaning! My heart goes out to you today and always.
Susan Hart
By Susan Hart
Thanks to all of you for all the wonderful thoughts for Shannon & TREV!!!!
Ellen Blair
By Ellen Blair
Sending lots of love today.
colleen gober
By colleen gober
Dear Shannon Though we have never met, I still think of you and your family often. I have a picture of Trevor on my desk at work. He reminds me every day just how precious life is. Your strong brave boy was and continues to be an inspiration to us all. LOVE AND PRAYERS TO YOU Gober's Mom
Lisa Strachan
By Lisa Strachan
That's such a beautiful song. We're thinking about you today.
Dave Smith
By Dave Smith, Special Love
Thinking of you and Trevor as we prepare for Camp Fantastic this weekend. He'll be part of our annual tree planting and I'm sure will part of the spirit of camp, now and always.
Margy Jost
You and Trevor will always share the deepest love for each other!!!
Holly Krass
By Holly Andrzejewski
Thinking of you today.
Christina Avery
By Christina
Love and hugs to you and your family today, Shannon.
Jane Sanders
By All our love Jane and family
Shannon, I've been thinking of this day for you and MY wish for you, is that the hardest part is behind you and that there'll be nothing but good things coming your way!
Hugs to all of you, miss you!