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Tracy’s Story

Tracy Stuffle suffered a massive stroke from a vessel hemorrhage on Monday, January 21, 2013. Tracy is currently in ICU in a hospital in Nashville, TN. He is in a medically induced coma with a drainage cath in the brain to drain off blood from the brain. When the drainage cath was placed in the brain, it caused another bleed. Read the journal below to get more information on Tracy's progress and journey. We ask that you please pray for him as this will be a long journey. On Sept 23, 2013 Tracy came home for the first time since Jan 21, 2013!  He is currently doing therapy at home and hoping to get into an outpatient rehab by Jan 2015. 

Latest Journal Update




CT of shunt and brain looked great!! No blockage, no malfunction, no infection!!! Dr. Ulm said, places that were damaged from bleeds and stroke were healed! The repeating question asking he said could be a good sign that the brain is reconnecting and still healing. He said, Tracy looked great!!! He is sending Tracy to a psychiatrist to have him put Tracy on a anti-depressant that will help him, but yet calm his mind down without knocking him out! He said, people who were inside thinkers before stroke, sometimes come back being outside thinkers and this could be what's happening. Everything is waking up. 

He also said the UTI issue is probably coming from the catheter not being changed but once a month (Home Health's policies!) He said a catheter should be changed every 24 to 72 hours! He thinks that's why Tracy hasn't been able to get rid of the on going UTI. So, he's sending Tracy to see a Urologist next Monday to see what they think is our next step in clearing this up and getting Tracy back on track. 

Tracy was sooooo relieved!!!! He was also so excited to get to see Dr. Ulm again and show him how he has progressed since last year! 

Thank you to everyone who prayed for Tracy and for me also!!! I will never ever be able to ever thank y'all enough for the love, prayers and support you all have given to us!!!!! We are abundantly blessed with THE greatest friends and family ever!!!!!! We love you all!!!!

Dear God,
Once again, You proved Yourself to us!!!!! You don't have to, but You do!!! ALL praise, honor and glory is placed on You!!!! None of this would be possible without YOU!!!! I love YOU!!!!!!! Thanks is NEVER enough!!!!!
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Darlene Whitten Thaxton
I am praising the Lord for His amazing grace with you! I stand in awe of our Lord! Thank you Lord Jesus for your many, many blessings!
Blaine Davis
By Blaine Davis
" AMEN " that is wonderful news Praise The Lord , God is so good to walk life's pathway with his children. Sounds to me Tracy is on the road to recovery you all are in my prayers .
nelda johnson
By Nelda Johnson
So happy that Tracy is still improving. THANK YOU GOD1111111111111111111
It's a joy to see him on stage singing.
I hope you are taking care of your self. Having heart trouble is not for sissies. Been there done that.
Love ya, Nelda Johnson Houston tx
Clayton Wilbanks
By Clayton Wilbanks
Hallelujah, Praise the Lord!! Thank you Jesus for blessing Tracy and Libbi above all we asked. To God be the GLORY!!!
Carmen Pope
By Carmen Pope
Praise the Lord for an excellent report!! Love you Tracy and Libbi and will continue to pray for y'all!! So glad we know a man who CAN!!!
Rhoda Boney
By Rhoda Boney
Wow! Awesome update :)
Kimberlie Morris
By Kimberlie Morris
Praise The Lord! Much love to you both!!!
Sharon Brodeur
By Sharon Brodeur
Praise be to God. As you said, Gooooo God Goooooooo
Evelyn Dockery
By Evelyn Dockery
God is good. Thank you God for what you have done and are continuing to do in Tracy's life.
Nancy Ferguson
By Nancy Ferguson
The UTI could be causing some of the repeat questions issue. I've seen that before in others. Praying fixing the UTI will fix this, too. Love watching God make him better and better!
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