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Tracy’s Story

Tracy Stuffle suffered a massive stroke from a vessel hemorrhage on Monday, January 21, 2013. Tracy is currently in ICU in a hospital in Nashville, TN. He is in a medically induced coma with a drainage cath in the brain to drain off blood from the brain. When the drainage cath was placed in the brain, it caused another bleed. Read the journal below to get more information on Tracy's progress and journey. We ask that you please pray for him as this will be a long journey. On Sept 23, 2013 Tracy came home for the first time since Jan 21, 2013!  He is currently doing therapy at home and hoping to get into an outpatient rehab by Jan 2015. 

Latest Journal Update


Tracy Stuffle Update: 12/29/14

As many of you know who keep up with Tracy, know that since the end of August or first of September he's had a UTI. He went on several rounds of antibiotics trying to get rid of it, but to no avail nothing worked! Early Friday morning about 3:50am I woke up with him making funny noises. When I turned the bedroom light on, I could tell something was wrong. He was awake but not responding. I immediately checked his blood pressure and it was 191/103, his oxygen level was 65%. His heart rate was 78 which is good. Sugar level was 97. Me and my brother in law Chuck Trivette started trying to get his oxygen level up with a ambu bag. Took the ambulance 15 mins to get there. The EMT workers said they thought he had had a small seizure. When we got to the ER his blood pressure was back down to almost normal. The put him on nasal oxygen and his oxygen returned to 98 to 99. They did a urine test and it came back that he had a super bad UTI. He also aspirated when he had the seizure, so he showed a little bit of aspiration on the right side of his lungs. When urine cultures came back, he had two different bacterias one being MRSA and other being Pseudomonas. They've had him on two high powered IV antibiotics. He will continue these at home by a PICC line until Jan 20. We are familiar with doing this from doing it when he came home from rehab last year. He has had a couple more small seizures, but Dr feels these are results of the UTI. So, they have upped his seizure medicine for now. Our next goal is to get the catheter out for good. This will be a process, but we will do what we have to do. He was gonna get to go home today, but they couldn't get the antibiotics together in time, so we are looking at in the morning sometime. Tracy is more than ready to get home and so am I. Several have asked will Tracy be with us on the road this weekend and Lord willing he will be. He may not sing every date, but he will be with us. 
Now, many have asked about why I went to the cardiologist today. One is was for a check up that I have not had since having the stent due to our schedule. Second, when the weather started getting colder, I started having a little discomfort in my chest. So, to be on the safe side, I wanted to make sure everything is ok. I will do blood work this week before leaving on the road. Then, on Jan 14 I will have a stress test and echocardiogram done to make sure everything is ok. In the mean time, I was prescribed Isosorb Mono along with nitro. Dr said it maybe that my blood is low again, and thinks this med will take care of the discomfort til I can get these other test done. I am also taking iron pill. Not stressing over any of this, God has everything under control. He has a plan and will and all I have to do is trust HIM!! 
JK is having his share of back pain since yesterday. So, he has an appointment with the chiropractor tomorrow to see if he can get some relief. He's had trouble in the past with having a pinched nerve. We will see what is going on tomorrow. 

Please continue to pray for all three of us!! We trust God will get honor and glory from all of this that is taking place in our lives!!! Stuff just happens the older you get! :0) 

May Your glory be revealed in all this pain in our lives!! We love You!!!!
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Elizabeth Burkhardt
By Elizabeth Burkhardt
I will continue to pray for you all. Yes, the older we get the more we notice the aches and pains. I'm ready for The Lord to return so we can lay down these burdens and trials. My family is also going thru a deep valley. Love to you and GOD will take care of us. Love and prayers 💚💚💚💚
Kay Spalo
By Kay Spalo
Praying God will continue to strength and guide you. and that you continue to get stronger each day. Thank you for your testimony of grace under pressure.
Barbara Padgett
By Barbara Padgett, Shelby, NC
Praying for all of you. You really are a testimony of trusting God. He is in control. God bless you .
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cheryl hardgrove
By cheryl hardgrove
Praying for all of you . to God be the glory in all things!!!!!
Lisa Stuffle
By Lisa Stuffle
Praying for all of you!
Kim McLeod
By Kim McLeod
I will be praying for all 3 of you. We know that God is in control. You keep that faith! I love you all.
Maureen Bray
By Maureen Bray
Am praying mightily for your family's complete healing!!! Love your music so much!! God is in charge. With HIM all things are possible-- only believe.
Rhoda Boney
By Rhoda Boney
Praying for healing for all of you as you continue to
serve our Lord and minister to others.
Sharon Brodeur
By Sharon Brodeur
Praying for you. I think I missed some updates. I didn't know you had a stint and that tracy had an on going Uti. I have some friends on FB that we pray together and will put you 3 on that list now. God will prevail.
Jonathan Burgess
I just told my wife about Tracy's UTI and what you guys are going through. We are going to say a special prayer for You, Tracy, and
J.K. We are agreeing with you and claiming victory
over these issues. Our God is bigger than anything the devil throws at us!!!
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