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My life took an 'interesting turn' on Oct 19, 2007 when I was diagnosed with metastatic esophageal cancer. How roles have changed... A week prior, I was a fellow in Hematology / Medical Oncology seeing patients with cancer. Today, I myself have become a 29 year-old cancer patient.

This diagnosis was obtained after an evaluation for an enlarged left neck lymph node. My only symptoms were heartburn and slight difficulty swallowing. As the cancer has metastasized to a distant lymph node, we decided to start on chemotherapy first. The chemo regimen is EOX (Epirubicin, Oxaliplatin and Xeloda) every 3 weeks, Xeloda is given as pills twice daily. I had a good response to EOX and then underwent concurrent chemotherapy and radiation. After completing chemotherapy and radiation I was in remission, with no signs of cancer on the scans. Since the diagnosis, there has been an outpouring of love and support from family, friends and co-workers. I truly appreciate all of your love and concern. May God bless you all richly even as you have been a blessing to me and my family. I received my last cycle of chemotherapy in May 2008, and was getting PET scans every 3 months as follow up. However, on my November 2008 PET scan, there were a few suspicious areas noted and biopsies did confirm cancer recurrence.  I then underwent more chemotherapy followed by a neck surgery and radiation therapy to remove the cancerous lymph nodes.  TY and myself got married in June 2009.  However, soon after that we found out that the cancer had returned in the bones.  We restarted chemotherapy in July 2009.


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Dear TY, Though we have never met I should like to send our heart-felt sympathy to yourself and Tow Shung's family. I worked with Guan,Tow's father, in an Obstetric ... Read more

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Dear family and friends, Thank you so much for all your kind words, concern, support, prayers and most of all for all your love. We are both truly blessed to have such ... Read more

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Hello Dr.Tan Chong Guan,  I feel sympathy for your son's loss. Abdul Rahim bin Che Din Penang State Museum Read more

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I was saddened to hear of the passing of a good and dear friend. I first met Tow when I was interviewing for a residency position at Mayo. I remember his infectious smile ... Read more

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Dear TY and Tow Shung's family We are very sad to read about Tow Shung's return to the Lord. We pray that you all will continue to stay strong. Deepest condolences from ... Read more

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Hello, I am a member of the public. My husband came across Tow Shung's journal and was very inspired by it. We are very sorry to hear of your loss. The stories Tow Shung ... Read more

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Hello: I am sorry to hear about your loss.  Tow was a kind soul with a big heart.  Being at Anita & Alan's over a year back and seeing the two of you together it was ... Read more

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My condolences. I may not know Tow Shung very well, but I know he is a wonderful person and a great friend. I hope that you and everyone will be strong. He will always ... Read more

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Dear TY My Condolences to the family . I dont Know much about Dr Tow Shung Tan but that he is more with us today is a great loss.Today we have lost a great human and a ... Read more

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