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What's Next?

Well the Jennings Family is still smiling!  We are overwhelmed with all of the support and everyone celebrating with us.  We look forward to every CaringBridge, Facebook, Tweet, email, etc that we get from all of our Team Tori supporters.  I can't tell you the number of people who told me they waited on pins and needles for the results or they cried tears of joy with us...that means so much!

When we dropped Tori off at her apartment on Tuesday, her friends threw a surprise party for her.  When she opened her door, about 35 people yelled out "Surprise" - they had party horns, blowers, silly string, etc and her whole apartment was decorated.  This really topped off Tori's perfect day!  Then last night we celebrated at Shawn's restaurant with family and close friends and had an awesome time!

So, now what?  Although we have enjoyed celebrating over the past few days, we know that her journey is not over.  She has more than a 50% chance that her cancer will come back and her Bone Marrow Transplant (BMT) doctor said she really wouldn't want her to have to have another transplant...nor would we, of course!  So, her BMT doc and her Oncologist in Columbus have recommended Tori for a clinical trial.  They want her to begin taking a maintenance chemo.  This will be in a pill form - one pill a day for 18 months as long as her body could handle it.  Side effects would be fatigue amongst a few other minor side effects.  The major one would be possible secondary cancers down the road.  She wouldn't lose her hair with this one :) This drug was designed for Multiple Myaloma (another blood cancer), but has been known to work well with Lymphoma patients as well.  We need to read through the materials, but are certainly leaning towards it. It will mean weekly trips to OSU for the first few weeks and then monthly (ugh - we love OSU but the trips are exhausting!).

We know that Tori has literally thousands of people praying for her and we truly believe that is why she is in remission today and that she will get through anything thrown her way!  So, thank you all for your prayers and support over these past 14 months!  God is good!

Cancer sucks, but we ARE beating this!

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Mary jo halka
By Mary Jo Halka
I am so Happy for all of you, I really hope and pray this is completely over, maybe a cure for all cancer's will be found, all her friends throwing her a surprise party had to of lifted Tori, higher & higher. All of you will continue to stay in my continued prayers. God Bless & keep you all safe! Love All Of You, Mary Jo
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Sharon Trabbic
By Sharon Trabbic
So so happy for Tori and family! Great week for sure!
1 person hearted this
Cindy Sobb
By Cindy Sobb
So glad Tori and her family can celebrate good news!!!! Praying it continues!!
1 person hearted this
Teresa Beebe
By Teresa Beebe
Fabulous news!! So happy for Tori and her family!! Our prayers will continue that this chapter can be closed for good, and that she can get back to her life! Xo
1 person hearted this
Tina Tansel
By The Tansel Family
We had a wonderful time for a awesome event , we will continue to always pray for this to stay away from you Tori . God bless this wonderful news !!
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