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Tori’s Story

Welcome to our CaringBridge site. We've created it to keep friends and family updated. We appreciate your support and words of hope and encouragement during this time when it matters most.

We are so blessed.Welcome to Tori's journey. It all began around March 10, 2013. Tori started in with a bad cough, congestion and feeling very tired. We went to the doctors and he said she had some sinus issues and put her an on antibiotic. She felt a little better on some days, but then got worse. Her days were full of wanting to do nothing but lay around, her cough got worse and her chest began to hurt. She lost her appetite and began losing some weight. She kept the positive attitude, continued to work and manage her school load, but struggled. We took her back to the doctors, who put her on a stronger antibiotic and told us to get a chest X-Ray if it wasn't better by Monday.Her chest got better at first, but then got bad again. She began having shortness of breath, lost a few more pounds, her back began to hurt (we assumed it was from coughing so much), she was still very tired. Some days she felt pretty good and other days it was difficult to breathe. She began experiencing extreme night sweats and some numbness and discoloration in her left arm when she was actively using it.We had a chest X-ray done which showed some fluid in her left lung. So back to the doctors we went. The doctor noticed a large swelling around the left side of her neck, almost looking like a football players neck. The doctor then told us that the chest X-ray also showed a large thickening down the middle of the chest. He said that these were all sign of lymphoma - which is a form of blood cancer...and thus it all began!

Latest Journal Update

Doing Good

Tori had her tonsillectomy yesterday at OSU.  The surgery itself went fine.  The doctor said that Tori's tonsils were SO inflamed and full of pus when they cut them open.  (Sorry, I know that sounds gross!)  She said they looked awful and like a chronic case of tonsillitis. She couldn't believe that Tori never had any pain with them.  They have sent them to the lab for testing to see if they are cancerous. 

Yesterday went pretty well.  Tori was able to eat some applesauce, jello and ice cream.  Her pain increased a bit throughout the night and today, but she is still doing much better than what we thought.  I think that Tori gets her high pain tolerance from her dad, plus she has been through so much that this just isn't effecting her as much as most people...which is a good thing! 

We we just got her home a couple hours ago and she is resting.  Grandma Mathias joined us for the trip and was a huge help!  Tori was able to eat some Mac and cheese and even attempted a muffin. If it doesn't get any worse than this, then I think we will be fine.  Thank you for all the prayers!

Please also keep Allie in your prayers.  Allie attends BGSU with Tori and also has Hodgkins Lymphoma.  She went through six months of chemo and was in remission in May.  She just found out yesterday that her cancer is back and she will also need to go through intense chemo and a stem cell transplant.

Cancer sucks but we ARE beating it!

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Melanie Yaufman
By Melanie Roberts Yaufman
What always amazes me about Tori is, she always has a smile on her face, even while waiting to get those tonsils out. Such a strong and brave young lady. Prayers continue for Tori, and I will add her BGSU friend Allie to my prayers. I have 2 nieces who have gone (or are going) to BG, Gabrielle Heil Roberts graduated in May 2014, and Haley Marie Roberts will graduate May 2015.
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Daniel Zak
By The Padre Dan Zak
Tori....You're a tough woman. Hang in there and know that you are loved. Be assured of my continued prayers. I will offer all my Masses this weekend for your intention. God speed your recovery to full health. All good things to you. The Padre
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Diann Brown
By Diann Brown
Tori - So glad to hear that you're surgery is over, and you're doing well!! Focus on YOU and getting well! Don't hesitate to let me know if you need help at BG. God bless you, girl!!
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Nancy Cramer
By Nancy Cramer
Peace and Blessings Sweetie!
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By Linda Mathias
I just ask The Lord to keep your pain down, been praying and my friends
Love and prayers , aunt Linda
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