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Tori’s Story

Welcome to our CaringBridge site. We've created it to keep friends and family updated. We appreciate your support and words of hope and encouragement during this time when it matters most.

Latest Journal Update

Her Progress Continues

Two and a half years later Tori moves forward with an attitude of ongoing hope. Day after day she faces her disabilities with winsome grace. She knows little of despair which allows her to exist each suffering moment with a smile on her face. Her biggest desire is to “BE” with anyone who offers her their time. She has few words yet in her silence she speaks of much. Her eyes reveal her loving heart. Her hugs are plenty as her arms reach out often to all who are willing to receive her offered love. 

Her life has modeled a foreign picture to me. Since operating now with limited function in her brain, it appears she has been set free from the trap of the false self where ego now has no say. As I have watched her, it has felt like a crash coarse in the transformation of my soul as I observe how freely she lives. She has no ability to carry out any pretense. Her impairments have served to teach me many things. Among them all is excepting change then embracing it as I would a trusted friend. 

Her physical recovery continues to improve. Although plateaus exist, more often spurts of progress proceed. She now walks independently with the need to be weened from the security of her wheelchair. Her balance is sufficient yet her brain can be controlled by fear of falling. The mind is the biggest obstacle to break through ones ability to recovery. Couching with tough love along with words of encouragement seem to help the process. Good friends and committed family continue to stand with her cheering her on to push through when she wants to quit. Her PT coach rewards her hard effort in therapy by allowing her to shoot baskets. Her game face lights up when she tosses now a left handed shot and the ball makes it into a makeshift hoop. Her dad steps up to rebound reliving memories of them spending hours on the court. 

Its now time to begin finding movement in her right hand. Up until this point little has been done as they did not want to loose momentum with the needed time to get her walking again. Building strength to bring back dormant movement is a slow and rigorous process. Her therapists believe Tori will gain something but only time will tell how much she will regain.  Having use of this hand would open up doors for her independence that will otherwise be impossible. Much of what I do for her is because of needing both hands to accomplish the task at hand. More and more she is choosing to struggle through difficult things as she utters the words “by myself”. 

Although life at our home is met with daily challenges, the gift of caring for Tori never seems to find its end. Gratefully loving friends and  family have given their time to care for Tori to provide some needed time for me and Tim to get away by ourselves. Fortunately in spite of all that has happened, by the grace of God I am able to greet each day with a peaceful knowing that the loving generosity of God will continue to reveal Himself. The pain and sorrow of Tori’s disabilities is ever present in my heart causing a desperate desire to encounter again and again God’s redeeming ways. Day by day we all experience death and loss but we find hope in knowing that in the loss the birth of a greater thing always comes forth. Watch with me and be awakened to the reality of His redemptive promise to restore all that we experience in human suffering. 

Once again I say, standing with us has made our hearts lighter as your prayers prompted by love have carried us along our uncharted waters. It’s unbelievable that this much time you are still asking for an update. You are a gift. We plan to stay in touch as Tori perseveres  week after, year after year. 

Living one day at a time finding beauty in every  moment, is where I always hope to be. 

We love you.    


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David Biasco Jr
By David Biasco Jr
God Bless you Tammy
Not a day has pasted without good thoughts prayers and some tears.
His Love & Grace
Love and Miss you all
David & Cheryl
Jacque Coulombe
By Jacque Coulombe
Tammy, you touch my heart every time you write! Thank you for keeping us in the loop and letting us know about the amazing progress Tori is making. John and I pray for you, Tim, and Tori, knowing that each day brings new challenges; but we see you leaning into the process and growing in your faith and trust in Jesus. Thank you for sharing your heart with us....and giving us a glimpse of Jesus in your lives. We love you!
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Donna Herbst-Warren
Thank you for this encouraging open heart update. You are an amazing family so clearly held in the Lord's arms of love and constantly living each moment by the grace which He alone provides. Your love and care for Tori is a living testimony of your love and faithfulness to the Lord and to Tori. May the Lord, who lives in Tori's heart continue to give His comfort to her and His grace to continually move forward in His healing process.
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Terri Hickey
By Terri Hickey
Thank you so very much for the update on Tori's progress. I have been following her story from the beginning and have wondered everyday how she is doing. Our Father has laid His healing hands upon her and I know He has big plans for her on this journey. I am so inspired by her and your families faith. I look foward to each entry you post. I will continue to pray for her and your family because I know He hears us and is answering them. May His will revail. God Bless you all. Terri Hickey
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Chris Dougherty
Thank you for the update!!! Tori is an amazing girl and she would not have gotten this far without such an amazing family!!! Your words Tammy are so graceful and inspirational. You should write a book of Tori's life. It would so inspire people. It is and continues to be an amazing story!!! I am so thrilled to see her standing!!! What an accomplishment. Love you guys. Think and pray for your family often. It's great to see that those prayers are working!!!
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Andrea Judd
By Andrea Judd
Thrilled to read this update! Your family is just amazing and we love each of you! You have our continued prayers. Thank you for taking the time to keep us all in the loop and part of your journey. Praising God for continued breakthroughs and progress with Tori. :) xoxo
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Kathy Fetter
By Kathy Fetter
So happy for the positive update. It's wonderful to see Tori standing with friends in the photo. Positive energy sent to you all from Tucson.
Kim De la hoya
By Kim De La Hoya
Love seeing the pictures of Tori with her siblings on outings where her smile just lights up!! Thanks for the update! Praying without ceasing for one miracle after another!!! Love you guys! Amazed at our awesome God in the progress He's bestowed upon Tori❤️❤️
Janice Royal
By Janice Royal
I love hearing about Tori from her aunt Trisha and I so enjoy following Tori on Instagram! Her posts are always so happy and joyful. Thank you for this update and for sharing your mother's heart with all of us. Peace to you all and continued blessings from our heavenly Father.
Jean justus
By Jean justus
You have been on my mind SO MUCH, this past week. It was wonderful to receive an up-dated post. We continue to pray for each of you -- and I love your spirit of "acceptance." God IS in control, and if we look for His miracles, we will find them each day. We LOVE you ALL.