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Tori’s Story

Welcome to our CaringBridge site. We've created it to keep friends and family updated. We appreciate your support and words of hope and encouragement during this time when it matters most.

Latest Journal Update

Tori Post Surgery Update

Good Day and Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Tori's surgery went well and she is back in PT. I have added some videos today so you can see the progress.
  • Tori getting her cast off:
  • Tori in the new therapy machine:
  • Having some fun in PT:
  • Working her right leg to strengthen it:
  • No Pain No Gain:

You can see how hard the work is for her. She fights hard. It is tempting to want to quit. The hope is she could walk on her own without the walker cane. Pray for stamina for her please. THANKS SO MUCH!

This morning we played a card game called "May I." For those who have regular interaction with our girl you know how she loves cards. Tammy won. :}
Tori continues to use new words and I see her level of cognition slowly improving all the time. She and I went to the mall last night to walk around. We got a hot chocolate, bought some socks she wanted, picked up "Dance 2014" (game she had to have for her wii), got mom a gift for Christmas and cruised in and out of a lot of stores where they play music she likes. It was a great time. She is a free spirit still and lots of fun. She openly dances in public when she hears a song she knows or likes. 

There is a long, long way to go but we are thankful to be able to see her future unfold. 
Tam and I are grateful to see her so well. 

Thanks for walking with us these last 3 years. WE KNOW your thoughts, visits and prayers have been the major contributors to her journey. 
We pray you and all of yours experience the peace and love together as you look ahead into 2016.

With Gratitude, 
Tim, Tammy and Tori
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Kimm Cray
By Kimm and Sonny
I cannot stop watching and cheering Tori in these videos!!!!!!!! Some things never change--first it was hoops and tennis, now it's SO MUCH BETTER than that!!! Keep it up, All State!!!!! Seems the better YOU do, the better GABE YORK does in his senior year for the Wildcats..........and dang, girl--you look STUNNING!!!!!!!!!!! Coach Cray
Dee Dee Ehrle
By Dee Dee Ehrle
The progress she has made is amazing. She is a fighter. Thank you for sharing with us.
Tine abd Jan Hardeman
By Tine abd Jan Hardeman, friends of the Boubels
Praise the Lord for Tori's amazing progress! Her hard work and determination are being rewarded.
Linda Cripe
Love to hear about Tori's progress. Thanks for the update.
Happy Thanksgiving to the Cahill family!
Deborah Pucci
By Deborah Pucci
Thank you for the updates. Keeping Tori in my thoughts and prayers. She has come so far. go girl!
deborah struk
By The Struks
Thanksgiving blessings! Tori you are doing amazing. much love to the entire Cahill family. Continued prayers for miracles to abound.
Michele Moline
By Michele Moline
Happy Thanksgiving. Praise the Lord!! We loved seeing all the videos of Tori and her progress. We will continue praying for her. God is so good all the time.
Your cousin,
Geri Rasmussen
By Geri Rasmussen
Thanks for sharing you guys....Love hearing that personality of Tori coming alive! We love you all and continue our prayers for Tori and the family- Happy Thanksgiving!
Geri & the family
Gail Wolfe
By gail wolfe
Plz give me her mailing or someone's address and I'll send a card.
Margaret Binnard
By The Binnards
We are so proud of her--every bit the champion now as she was on the basketball court! Happy Thanksgiving :)