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Tori’s Story

Welcome to our CaringBridge site. We've created it to keep friends and family updated. We appreciate your support and words of hope and encouragement during this time when it matters most.

Latest Journal Update

Tori Undergoes Foot Surgery

This is Tim. 
I wanted to ask for prayer for Tori's right foot that was operated on yesterday. She is doing fine today. The surgery is a treatment for "Spastic Foot" Issues for those who have suffered a TBI or stroke. The technical name of the surgical procedures are: TAL- tendinoachilles lengthening to correct the ankle-toe pointing (equinus), flexor tendon release to correct for the foot turning in (varus). The doc adjusts certain tendons to help muscles either get stronger or be weakened to allow others to operate more fully. It is done to help flatten her foot so she walks on it correctly. This is a very simple explanation. 

She has a partial cast on now for a few weeks that will allow any swelling. Then she gets a full cast for a few more weeks and finally another foot brace that she will wear. She is not put any weight on it for about 4 to 6 weeks. The goal is to see her walk without a brace ultimately. That is where the Prayer comes in. 

She is doing better with her cognition and has us laughing many times with the things she says and does.  She posts lots of pictures and some of the activities she is involved with. Sometimes there is not much of filter and others may not always understand. But that is what always made Tori so much fun and a character. 

I have included a video of Tori walking by herself before the surgery. It is VERY scary for her but she is slowly trying. Pray she can do even better after a full recovery-which will take about 6 months for all tendons etc.. I have attached a photo of her before surgery and one of her half casted foot. :}

In the last year I have heard many folks still pray for our Tori. Thank You, Thank You, THANK YOU!! 

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Cathie Young
By Cathie Young
Love to see this update. Always continuing to pray for Tori. Her progress is truly a "miracle" and a reward for ALL of the work she and all of her family has done.
Buffy Arno
By Buffy Arno
Thank you Tim for the update and asking for prayer. I love joining in ,with all the people who love you family, prayer! I love Tori's posts too she is a funny girl =) Love you guys so much!! Buffy
Mary Koenig
By Mary Koenig
Tori - you look wonderful and the progress you have made is nothing short of a miracle - I continue to pray for you and the entire family - stay strong and know that you are loved.
Shannon Salottolo
She is doing fantastic. The Salottolos continue to send their prayers for her.
charlotte morner
By Charlotte Morner
Thank you for the up-date. We continue to pray for Tori.
Jeni Gishwiller
By Jeni Gishwiller
Keep up the great work Tori!! You looked awesome walking ❤️
Kathy Miller
By Kathy Miller
Great job, Tori!
Janice Royal
By Janice Royal
We definitely still pray for Tori! We may have only known her that brief summer when she coached our daughter Tori in basketball before her freshman year at OLu, but we will never forget the impact she had on our daughter and on all of us. She is just that kinda gal! God made her so perfectly!! Love to hear of Tori's continued progress and healing. And so love following her Instagram posts! You are an inspiration to our family for sure Miss Cahill. :-)
lainie allen
Praying for this next "step" in Tori's restoration. Continued love and prayers for you Tim, Tammy, and the whole family - but especially for Tori for all the each day requires. Yes, Lord our Healer. Amen.
Lee Brase
Tori, this is Lee Brase. It is encouraging to see the courage God has given you. You are a source of strength to many of us. I love hearing about your laughter. Please greet your parents for me.
Love and prayers,