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Saturday Evening: Day 15

I am embarrassed to not have updated until now.  I know many of you are wondering how the transition home has gone and how Tom is feeling. He is doing amazingly well considering what he has gone through. Yesterday morning I returned to the sun-room after taking a shower to discover him (against my instructions) hunched over a cane getting wet in the rain with the kids in the yard.  He was busy overseeing their mowing, harvesting, and general yard pick-up.  I couldn't believe it!  Upon hearing Tom was outside, a neighbor, knowing Tom has a terrific vocabulary said, "Ask Tom if he can spell the word 'COMPLIANT'!"  

Friday we visited the doctor for lab-work, X-rays, and set up an iPhone app to remind us of medication times and a few games to help Tom begin to exercise his mind.  Today in between rain drops and sunshine the kids explored some yards of generous friends and back roads of Sequim in there hunt for apples.  Overall they were met with great success.

Tom and Ryan even ventured slowly into the woods and talked through the emotional event that one remembers and the other can only imagine to be true.  We continue to take one day at a time yet look to the future with hopefulness and thanksgiving.  As we reread cards, messages and the blog we are ever mindful of each of your presence in our lives. Thank you and blessings as always!