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Thursday Evening: HOME AT LAST!!!

Riding on a wheeled chariot out of the hospital wearing his "Rotarian at Work" t-shirt grinning from ear to ear, Tom was discharged just one day shy of completing a two week stay (didn't quite make it to the "stay two weeks and get two nights free" stage).  How excited we were to be going home (Tom more than any of us)!  After a relatively comfortable trip back to Sequim, we rounded the final bend in the road and were met by  "welcome home" balloons waving in the breeze tied to the mailbox.  Next we met friend Braden who was blowing leaves off our driveway and had the house warm and cozy with a fire built, hot soup on the stove from several wonderful friends and Nana's famous coconut cream pie.  How great was that! A few more visitors came by and neighbors waved. Even the pharmacist who filled Tom's medications said she has been praying for him and was pleased to hear he is home! What a wonderful welcome!  Tonight we are settling in. Hospice friends had dropped off a hospital bed and other needed equipment, which Ryan and Torin helped set up while Annie and I went to town to get prescriptions filled.  It's been a long day but we are happy and thankful for our blessings.  This Rotarian worked very hard today, as he has the 12 previous days, and we are proud!   Thanks again to all for helping bring us home in healthy and improving conditions and high spirits!