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Thursday Morning Day 13

Well, today is a very big day for us! They are kicking Tom out of HarborView as he has made too much progress to stay. We are amazed as we remember the comment made 12 days ago that if Tom survived, perhaps we'd have Thanksgiving dinner in our family camp up on SkyBridge floor 9. Yet by God's grace here we are, headed home, and in time for some cider pressing before winter creeps in! If anyone has a box of apples you want turned into a jug of cider, stay in touch as you will be welcome to join us for our annual pressing! We heard there was already frost at the homestead, so it is time to fire up the wood stove and put on a pot of comfort soup. We will continue to update this blog as we covet your prayers as we make the transition. I am SO incredibly grateful for our kids and their endless love and very able assistance, for my sister Lisa who has hung in here day and night as support and the interpreter of most things medical, friend George who camped here for nights (who is undergoing surgery today himself- please pray for him too) and for all of you who sent cards, brought meals, treats and hugs, and who have held our family in your many thoughts and prayers over these 2 weeks. We could have NOT done this journey without you. I'm a little stressed over the move back home so soon, but know that God is still at work and I try to let myself rest in that. Already we have witnessed His hand in every detail, I have no reason to think He will slack off now. We have goals to continue working on at home through perhaps home health and out patient services. So... As we wait for he final discharge papers and instructions, I will send this post off.