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Wednesday "Morning", Day 12

Sorry the update is so late! It's been a very busy day. Dad is walking more, talking more, and is just that much closer to heading home! Amazing!!! He has weaned off his IV regimen completely and is no longer needing the supplemental oxygen for activities, but at this point in time it's all about "pacing" as his physical therapist says. Mom gave Dad his first shot of a medication that he will be taking at home, and apparently drew no tears. :)  SO, the plan at this point is to continue to monitor him, manage pain, and begin discharge planning! Between two occupational therapists and several very handy sons we are sure he will be safe and well cared for. Thank you everyone for your support and generosity with this process. Dad is eager to be home and we are eager to have him there. Perhaps we will make it in time for our annual cider pressing after all! More to come! Blessings to you all.