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Monday Evening, Day 10

We have made the move!  We are officially two floors closer to the ground, getting physically closer and more mentally prepared to head home.  We miss the staff upstairs already but have become immediately fond of our new nurse who rescued Dad from a small room with a loud neighbor!  We are now enjoying a little bit larger space by a window and Dad is watching the presidential debate with Micah and Torin.  We don't have any major medical updates for you all tonight, perhaps no news is good news at this point.  Also, we have added a few pictures to the blog.  This is not to embarrass or reveal Dad's privacy, rather to help many of you appreciate how far he has come!  We have discussed this all with him as well and he has agreed that having some visuals will help share this journey who haven't been with us first hand.

Lastly, we wanted to make a special note to those of you who have asked specific questions or made requests on the blog.  We truly are trying to keep up with everyone as best as we can and appreciate your patience with us.  Specifically in regard to visitors: at this point in time, Dad is well enough to have visitors, so if you are feeling compelled to stop by you can text Ryan at 206-434-1659 or just come on over and ask the front desk for directions to his room and they should help you find us.  Please be patient though with Dad's healing and continued need for rest.  In other words, he may be napping when you stop by.  :)   Will update again tomorrow, hopefully he will begin therapy and start requiring less oxygen which is one of our goals before transitioning home. Thank you all as always for your love and support.  More tomorrow!  God Bless!