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Tom’s Story

Family and Friends,

Please use this Caring Bridge website to stay in touch with each other, and to stay informed on Tom's condition.

We will make regular updates.

George & Bev

Latest Journal Update


     To everyone who has sent the very best of themselves to Tom Poole and his family, over the last 11 days, please know this:  We could not have made, nor could we continue to make, this journey without you.  We have been showered with absolutely every kind of love and support imaginable, and we hope, in time, to be able to thank each of you individually for your gifts to our hearts and spirits.

     I am overwhelmed by the number of people who are grieving for and loving Tom.  We had a small family celebration of Tom's life on Thursday evening, with the hopes of another celebration of some kind, some few weeks from now, for all the communities of which Tom was a part.  

     We are so fortunate to have all of your around us, and just don't have the words to say thank you enough.  This is the one thing I can think of that everyone reading this can do -- in the next minute, find someone who needs to hear from you that you love them, and tell them.

So so grateful, and full of love for you all,

Geanette, Nora and Molly -- with Tom in our hearts