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Tom’s Story

With a cancer-free declaration from Doc Kahl, we are exploring life after cancer and counting the many miracles in our lives.

We are filled with gratitude. Tom was declared cancer-free from brain cancer just days after Ellen started an awesome job as sr. vice president of corporate communication at WPS. Tom is still disabled by the headaches and fixing golf clubs in the basement until he can get back to the courses. Kait is a nanny after teaching at La Petite Academy in Sun Prairie, and Maura works as a data analyst in Chicago.

2012 was an action packed year. We even got to travel a bit. We are very blessed. 

We are very proud of everyone for surviving.

The journal is searchable using your control F function. We hope this website is useful for family and friends. Fellow cancer patients can search for tips on hospitalizations, magic mouth wash, Vanicream, nausea and other words to get tips.

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Latest Journal Update

680 pages of You!

The Packers bid to win the NFC championship is sadly over and Tom said, "It's brutal to be a fan or a coach." I am thinking of all the fans of this caringbridge and the coaches and yep, it's brutal.

Tom made chili for the game and the visiting daughters Kait and Maura. I think back to 2008 and this would have been unthinkable. Seven years and we are in a different place. Let's hope the Packers are in a different place in one year.

My job during the game was to print out the caringbridge journal so I can distill it and possible publish it to help other cancer patients. One of them is a friend from my journalism days. He is fighting mantle cell lymphoma in Louisiana. I've given him the top tips about miracle mouthwash and how to get the overnight fellows to give you scan results earlier than usual. I'm not sure I want to share the next 9 months of our story just yet.

You (we) are 680 pages. About 20 percent of it is drivel written by me. Another 20 percent is riveting. My job is to find that riveting 20 percent.

We hope all the current Packers have another chance next year. Tom warns the Bears have a new coach and they will be formidable. As I say all the time to myself when I meet a disappointment, thank god it's not brain cancer.



Bob Miller
By Bob Miller
Publishing this journal is great news as it represents an amazing written journey of your family and will certainly benefit many others who may face their own challenges.
Maureen Brady
By Maureen Brady
L O V E and blessings galore and loads of Mazel Tovs!