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Early this year, Tom’s family and friends noticed subtle changes in his behavior.  After a short time, Tom began experiencing some neurological issues such as difficulty with balance and extreme fatigue.  After a battery of tests and a biopsy, Tom was diagnosed with grade IV glioblastoma multiforme, an aggressive brain cancer.


Tom had surgery to remove a large tumor on April 8th.  Although the surgery was considered a success for removing the encapsulated portion of the tumor, some cancer still remained and surgery left Tom permanently paralyzed on his left side and with some field vision loss.  

Tom endured chemotherapy and radiation treatments to battle some remaining cancer.  He tolerated the treatments well, and other than being extremely fatigued, Tom had few side effects. 


However, the cancer returned with a vengeance.  Another treatment was tried, but little progress was made.

On November 9, 2010, Tom passed away peacefully in the presence of his adored wife, Melanie, and son, Josh.  He had just been prepared for bed.  Josh was singing to him while Mom cuddled with him.  Tom drew a final breath and gently slipped away.


Kristin Spradlin posted a new journal entry.

Please join us to celebrate Tom’s life on Saturday, November 20th at 2:00pm at Irving Bible Church in Irving, TX What a journey!  From a neglected childhood spent in ... Lea más

Sabrina Graham signed Tom's Guestbook.

Thank You! Father for Tom Dooleys Ministry I just started listening to his broadcast in the mornings about a few months ago, and was drawn by his narration and his ... Lea más

Butch Ferguson signed Tom's Guestbook.

I did not know that Tom had passed, I listen to the program in the mornings. One day, I was unhappy with my job because I did not get a certain position that opened up. I ... Lea más

Ricardo Mattos signed Tom's Guestbook.

Dear Melanie, Since the release of the iPhone app One Year Audio Bible I have been listening the blessed narratives of Tom Dooley. It is a balsam to me, even my headaches ... Lea más

tracey cravens signed Tom's Guestbook.

Melanie,My prayers are with you  and your children  as I am sure you still miss Tom very much. I had no idea of his passing. 15 years ago I commuted to work and would ... Lea más

Don Braugh signed Tom's Guestbook.

The master-minister, the Holy Spirit still uses the words which I listen to on JesusFM.com Thank you for Tom's life, Lord. Lea más

Loyd Chumley signed Tom's Guestbook.

I have just learned of Tom's passing. I used to listen to Tom driving home from work. He also had something inspirational and timely.TOm will be missed. Lea más

Mark Fisher signed Tom's Guestbook.

It's been over a year now and I still feel the same when I read this as I did last November.  I also received Christ in Lancaster in 1977 and grew through the years ... Lea más

Tracy Hansen signed Tom's Guestbook.

Hi Melanie, I was thinking of Tom this morning and how fun it would be to talk with him. I looked up his name on Google so that I might find a contact number or email. ... Lea más

Larry Jones signed Tom's Guestbook.

Melanie, I just wanted to say that Livia and I still remember you and Tom so very fondly.  I still miss Tom, though I'm thankful that he no longer struggles with the ... Lea más

Nancy Montgomery signed Tom's Guestbook.

Melanie, While at church today at Irving Bible Church, Andy spoke about his good friend Tom Dooley and their conversation days before his death. I almost fell out of my ... Lea más

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