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Early this year, Tom’s family and friends noticed subtle changes in his behavior.  After a short time, Tom began experiencing some neurological issues such as difficulty with balance and extreme fatigue.  After a battery of tests and a biopsy, Tom was diagnosed with grade IV glioblastoma multiforme, an aggressive brain cancer.


Tom had surgery to remove a large tumor on April 8th.  Although the surgery was considered a success for removing the encapsulated portion of the tumor, some cancer still remained and surgery left Tom permanently paralyzed on his left side and with some field vision loss.  

Tom endured chemotherapy and radiation treatments to battle some remaining cancer.  He tolerated the treatments well, and other than being extremely fatigued, Tom had few side effects. 


However, the cancer returned with a vengeance.  Another treatment was tried, but little progress was made.

On November 9, 2010, Tom passed away peacefully in the presence of his adored wife, Melanie, and son, Josh.  He had just been prepared for bed.  Josh was singing to him while Mom cuddled with him.  Tom drew a final breath and gently slipped away.


Jackie Wood signed Tom's Guestbook.

I just heard of Tom's passing the other day but I would listen to the journey on my drive in to work.  He was such an inspiration and after reading His Story, I am a ... Read more

Beverly Carter signed Tom's Guestbook.

When we first moved back to the USA after being missionaries to Nigeria, Tom was on the radio and a blessing to us in Ft. Worth.  His message of Christ being in us helped ... Read more

charles brabec signed Tom's Guestbook.

Hi this is Charles from Portugal, I would like to connect up with Melanie personally. Please let me have her email address. Thanks, Charles Read more

Kathy Groesser signed Tom's Guestbook.

Dear Mrs. Dooley, I just read of your husband's passing last night after doing a "google" search on his name, to see what he's been up to lately.  I cannot ... Read more

Brian Cottle signed Tom's Guestbook.

My wife just recently told me that Tom had gone on to be with the Lord and I was very sad to hear this, although I understand the joy he's experiencing now.  Tom and his ... Read more

Jane Anderson signed Tom's Guestbook.

Melanie, just thinking about you and our dear Tom this morning. May God continue to comfort and strengthen you and the family. Tom is still teaching us, I am listening to ... Read more

Kristine Reading signed Tom's Guestbook.

Dear Melanie,  I am so sorry for your loss, I only heard of it right now. I took a trip with you both one year to Israel and it was life changing. Tom was such an ... Read more

Mihstiegh Boggs signed Tom's Guestbook.

Just found out that Tom is gone.  I am so sorry to have not been paying attention before.  Tom was awesome and in the season when I had the privilege of knowing him, he ... Read more

Larry Jones signed Tom's Guestbook.

Melanie, Livia and I continue to think of you and how you must miss Tom.  We respected him and appreciated him so much, and we know that you were such an important part ... Read more

Timothy Taylor signed Tom's Guestbook.

On 88.3 fm is a new program that came on almost the same time Tom had passed .Its called The Journey. so often I think of all that Tom Dooley did and to me it seems like ... Read more

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