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Thank you to everyone who joined us at Thomas' Memorial Serivice.  You were a blessing to us.

We now have DVDs of the Memorial Service--no charge.  Thomas had a big stockpile of blank DVDs and cases.  Just email and include your mailing address.  

Thanks, again from all our family.


anneliese mougharbel signed Thomas's Guestbook.

My daughters and I met Mr. and Mrs.  Carney through our mutual love of desert tortoises! He was kind enough to act as the local Sonoran desert tortoise guru and would ... Read more

Richard Roth signed Thomas's Guestbook.

I became a friend of Tom's through the Gideons.  From the beginning, I, like others that knew Tom, was very impressed with his dedication to bringing the lost to the ... Read more

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Here is the text of Kurt's tribute delivered at the Memorial Service.Hello, my name is Kurt Klassen.  Thomas Carney was my Grandfather... I always called him Grandpa ... Read more

Alice Klassen signed Thomas's Guestbook.

 I went to David Crockett school from first through eighth grades.  Yes, Mr. Carney was my 5th grade teacher in 1971-72.  I have very vivid memories of him wearing ... Read more

Loraine Marlow signed Thomas's Guestbook.

Madaline, What a blessing to read the notes that so many have sent to you and your family about Tom.  I am thankful that Bob and I were able to meet you and Tom through ... Read more

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I remember meeting  Tom and Madaline when Deb and I first started going to Friendship Community Church and it was a true joy being able to talk to him and get to know ... Read more

Alice Klassen posted a new journal entry.

We understand that perhaps some did not receive programs at Thomas' Memorial Service.  If you'd like one now, email and I'll send you an email ... Read more

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To my dear Carney Family I want to send you my deepest sympathy to each of you.... As you know that Thomas' love and devotion to his faith and to his family was extremely ... Read more

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 Our Deepest Sympathy To you Madeline & Your family. We greatley enjoyed knowing You and Tom, visiting with you both always made our day. How blessed we were, to ... Read more

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