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Todd’s Story

This caringbridge sight is for Todd Radi...my dad...Todd was diagnosed with colon cancer on Monday December 1....It's been hard the last couple days but I'm trying hard to keep everyone energized and happy...It's hard to believe that such a great person could get daignosed with such a terrible thing...but we are gonna get threw this with the support of family and friends!!

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Today we remember his smile, that infectious laugh, that kind and gentle heart ........today I pray for strength and understanding for his sweet girls........if you have a story about Todd to share with his blue eyes babes that I could share with them today PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE post......love from Nichelle Larson Radi

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Lisa Moen
OMG! so glad you are here....been thinking about you and the girls, but esp Todd. I totally remember the 1st time we met--it was at Matt Larson's wedding in Fargo, downtown, and we had rooms at one of the hotels....so inevitably, you and I and Todd made our way back to the hotel at the end of the night (mike went straight to bed!) and we sat in your room and 'argued' about religion and inca indians and....I don't know...anything Todd wanted to argue--not even argue--debate is the better word! You tried to be mediator! ha ha Anyway, I knew I loved him right away--great banter and sense of humor and knowledge. I just think how blessed I am to have known him even for a short but oh so precious time...my life is more full because of him. So, I guess I should thank you for falling in love with him and bringing him into our family--and our hearts. God bless the memory of Todd Allan Radi--love him, miss him!
Sarah Gerads
By Sarah Murphy Gerads
I had the pleasure of knowing Todd, basically 1 weekend a year. Todd's dad and my dad curled on the same team. Our family's would go to Bemidji for a weekend of hotel life and curling. Well, Todd was a boy, ewww. And me being a silly girl, didn't do a lot of activities together. Yet, playing in the pool or watching the boys in the arcade you always saw Todd with a smile. Laughter was always in the air. Todd was a good and friendly boy.
carol beiswenger
By Carol Beiswenger
It seems to me ,I remember Todd as a young child riding the communion rail during the Christmas program at church. Wish he was here to do that again, or at least watch to see if his children would. :)
Correen Radi
By Correen Radi
We all miss Todd. Everytime I see a rainbow I think of him. I do have to thank him. Without his tragedy, we may not have been as aware of colon cancer as we are today. His story spurred all his cousins to get tested. This year Dan had a repeat test. Like most of the Radi family, he is on the 5 year plan. 5 years ago he was clean - this year he had several polyps of the type that can turn into cancer. So, on this anniverary of Todd's death, make it a reminder to GET TESTED!! We don't want to see anyone else to go through what your family has. Caught early it is preventable! Thank you, Todd... your legacy lives on!
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annie larson
I was just looking back at family pictures and it is humorous how in almost every one Todd has a child attached to him. It didn't even have to be one of his own. He was always willing to throw kids around in the pool, give rides on his strong shoulders or just hold them in his lap. We miss him daily but thank God we get to see a little, or a lot, of him when we see the girls he left for us
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