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Todd’s Story

"God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,The Courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference."

“The more difficulties one has to encounter, within and without, the more significant and the higher in inspiration his life will be."

I’m finding it extremely difficult to find the words to express the blessing in which at this moment is lying in a hospital bed. I use the term blessing due to my husband is still gracing this world with his presents. That alone is so much to be thankful for.

My name is Crystal Nicely, and my husband Todd Nicely was severely wounded during his tour in Afghanistan this past March 2010. Todd is a Cpl of Marines to who is with Unit 2/2 Fox Company. Now I’m going to try to explain with the hope that those to whom are reading this does not think the worst. Now from my understanding Todd was on a patrol in an area in which had been toured many times. There was no exchange of gunfire, with that being said Todd stepped on an IED (improvised explosive device) which was embedded in to the ground. When he placed his foot on the device it triggered, doing a lot of damage. Now I do thank the lord for the fellow marines to whom utilized there abilities to save his life, for if it were not for them he would not have made it.

The injuries in which he now endures from the explosion consist of four amputations (Quadruple Amputee). Todd still has most of his left arm not including his left hand, so the wrist up is still intact. His left leg is the longest, just below the knee and above is also intact. The right leg was hit just above the knee, so it’s just a little shorter than the left. The right arm consists of his shoulder and a good portion of this upper arm. His jaw was also broken in two different areas.

Now I know it's a lot to take in... At first your mind takes you to the worst place... but the mind does play mean tricks at times. I can say that to when I did get to see him for the first time... all I saw was the man to whom I fell in love with, my best friend, and the man I'm going to grow old with. Todd is not only a wonderful husband, but a son to whom I'm almost certain was a handful. Now I know growing up with Todd would have been interesting and I have been told many...many stores. If I had to guess the words it would have to be "what is he going to do next" big brother of three and a "lets see if we can get Todd to do this" little brother of two. So as you can tell Todd comes from a large family to who are very close. His Mother Julie Step Father Mike, Father Rick to whom is married to Connie, and five
siblings Ryan, Nicki, Michael (Mike), Ricky and of course Kasey. To whom love him so very much. Now with all that being said I ask that you take whatever thoughts you may have, and look to heavens and realize that the only thing that matters is that he is still fighting and here with us. So think good thoughts, and please send them our way.

With much Love