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  • Escrito el Dec 8, 2010 6:13pm


    Oh my lots going on...but right now Todd, my self and many wounded vets and there families are in Breckenridge, Colorado for the Ski Spectacular. It honestly is so great to see all the abilities and smiles of so many. There all doing so wonderful, The Hartford to whom sponsored this wonderful event honestly has done so much for so many.

    Todd loves it, it's hard to get him to want to come in for the day...he is very impressive. I will make sure to post pics so you can see it for your selfs. Tonight one of Todd's brothers Michael is coming to enjoy the snow with him and I'm sure it's going to be great Todd is excited to get to share this with him.

    I know it's been a while... When things calm down I will make sure to give more details, plus everything in between :)

    Wishing everyone happy holidays
    With much love Todd & Crystal


    Here is Our new address for those to whom have asked
    Todd A. Nicely
    11235 Oak Leaf Dr #B Apt 1516
    Silver Spring, MD 20901
  • Escrito el Oct 27, 2010 10:18pm

    Since the last enrty Todd has really moved along, I just update that he was using a cane to aid in walking and balance. I also stated that he was on the way to not using any well… to no surprise to me he is now down to zero. Not only is he not using a cane to aide in walking, we are leaving his wheelchair in the car while we are at therapy. So he is utilizing his legs for a good part of the day…which is great.

    Here a few days ago Todd and I went golfing with the Walter Reed Wounded Warriors were we were paired up with some retired vets to whom are some great guys. I will have to say it was a lot of fun but for those to whom don’t know Todd played golf before his injuries with is brothers and an uncle, Ryan the oldest of the boys, Michael one of the two youngest and his Uncle Deano. So it’s a goal of Todd’s to be able to play just as good if not better than before. Well he did very well, he can’t just yet drive but that is a work in progress. Todd did chip and putt which from my understanding he did very well. He made it look easy… I think teaching me to play was more of a challenge… :)

    With Much Love

    Todd & Crystal

  • Escrito el Oct 14, 2010 9:58pm

    I know…. Todd and I are really behind on our updates I have had many to remind me of just how behind I am. J There are just so many individuals to whom hold Todd so close to there hearts and have done so much to aide in his rehab. People to whom will never be to far from our hearts for the kindness that has been showed to us, I can say personally has made the hard days easier.

    Well lots of good things have been happening for those to who don’t know Todd’s wound on the left leg that the doctors were waiting to close has done so, he now has no open wounds. He recently did have surgery on the left ear to reconstruct his ear drum so with good hope his hearing will be the same or better than it was before the explosion.

    Todd has gone up in size with his legs… he now has knees and is very tall about 5’9 or so. Just like before Todd utilizes a cane on the right arm to help stabilize him and aid in balance while walking,. For a few weeks give or take some Greg his therapist has him now switching out with the left arm with a arm cane that stands about waist high or so that grips the forearm with a handle to grasp just below utilizing his MYO arm prosthetic . This will allow Todd to wean him self off of the cane on the right and with good practice and good time be down to no canes. So he is still moving forward and making great strives.

    Outside of therapy everything is going well Todd and I are still taking it a day at a time and planning for future. :)


    With Much Love

    Todd & Crystal Nicely

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