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  • Written Apr 30, 2010 10:47am

    Let me see, the last few days have been pretty laid back not too much going. Todd has not asked for pain medications and when his nurses ask his pain level it has not been more than a 3 on a one to ten number scale. So that is just wonderful, yesterday was a big day they brought in his first arm prosthetic, my Todd was all kinds of smiles. He was practicing the motions of holding a beer can and tipping it back. :)  Joe from OT was telling Todd “Man you make it look so easy, we are going to have to find something harder.”(lol) My hubby also pinched my butt… I believe everyone got a kick out of that. (Thanks Julie ;)

    I believe it was a good time for all of us that were there yesterday, we all were cheesing! Joe was saying that Todd’s control is really good but he will still have to work on fast and slow motions. Due to he can inflict pain if he closes to fast, due to the prosthetic is controlled by muscle movement, so Todd uses his Triceps and bicep muscles to make the arm move. They do have to make a few adjustments but it looked really good. Afterwards I asked him how it felt, he said “at first I thought it looked really long, but after I compared it to my left arm, I realized it was just right, that it was just bulky” So it was a good day!

    Today the doctors are suppose to come in and take out the catheter so Todd is a little uneasy about it but he is ready to get it done with. With good hope it will all work out just fine so soon we will be down another Tube.

    I want to take a moment to say thank you, I will probably say it a few more times, I’m almost certain of it.  Todd keeps getting hope mail and we come to the site together when he feels up to but he reads all the posts, we will go back to the last day be we left off on if he did miss a day. So know that your thoughtfulness will always be remembered with deep appreciation.

    With Much Love
    Todd & Crystal

  • Written Apr 28, 2010 12:13am

    Surgery went well yesterday the doctors did the left leg wash out as well as all wound cleanings, took the stitches out of the right leg, and in addition to all that Todd now only has one wound VAC, which is still on the left leg. There was also that possibility they would have to do a skin graph for the left leg…there is still that chance but it was not done in yesterdays OR visit.  The Doctors were able to close the left leg a small bit; there is a spot that they are going to keep an eye on.  Not this last OR visit but the one before they took out a area of skin that had died, so when they closed this time it left a small spot that could not be closed that there saying could grow shut by its self with out the need to do a skin graph. The oral surgeons also took out the melt braces that were in is mouth, and took out a tooth that was cracked and causing Todd a lot of pain. According to Todd’s dad Rick they stated that it did not take much to take it out. So his mouth is not causing him as much pain.

     It was wonderful news to here that my Todd’s left leg had already showed improvement in just a few days, and that the need to due the skin graph and reshape was not needed at this time. Still taking it one day at a time, with high hopes and lots of love. 

    With Much Love & appreciation
           Todd & Crystal Nicely

  • Written Apr 25, 2010 9:36pm

    Not to much today...getting well needed rest for a big trip to the OR tomorrow mid morning. The doctors are planing to take the wound VAC off of the left arm, cleaning out the left leg and there is a chance that they will do yet another skin graph for the left leg. The skin will be taken from the right thigh, due to that is the best sight. Now the plan may change between now and then due to the doctors do not really know untill they can look and see what his wounds look like at the moment.

    Well I got to spend some wonderful time with my Todd today... we walked his mother down to the front entrance, and then the two of us went on a little stroll in the court yard. Todd says "the sun made it's only apperance, just for the day" so it was nice. :)

    With Much Love
    Todd & Crystal

    Todd totally loves the orange so I will continue to use it!! Todd said "Yeah"

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