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  • Written May 9, 2010 7:58pm

    Today is Sunday it has been a great day… we slept in!!! I believe it was noon when we decided to crawl out of bed. Julie, Todd’s mama came and spent some time with us, with her youngest Ricky which brings me to…
    :) Happy Mother’s Day to all you Mama’s, I hope that it has been a good day for all of you as well.

    Todd is staying steady on the medical side of things, little to no change on that aspect. He is having a small amount of pain today, woke up pretty sore. Although this past week they were not playing they worked him out hard. It was good for him, although he may tell you different. He is smiling at me as I type you all an update.

    Todd and I did go on our first date last night, just the two of us it was so great for me. I know some times he just puts on a smile for me but last night really meant so much to me. Spending time with my guy, there is nothing that can compare or that I would rather do. So it was great, we went to a little Italian restaurant, I can’t say much for the food but the company was great.

    Hey, Mama Hand wanted to send you a special Happy Mothers Day… see you soon ;)!!

    With Love
    Todd & Crystal 

  • Written May 7, 2010 11:43am

    Let me see, a lot of exciting things have been in the works, such as Todd getting passes all this week, he has been staying with my self in the Mologne House. Over all the stays have went pretty smoothly, it’s been really nice having him out of the hospital and with me!! PT is still going great and in OT Joe is really pushing Todd, which is great. They are also speaking of working with Todd and getting started on more prosthesis for the left arm, and both legs so that is soon to be in the works.  Todd also had his first trip out in to town yesterday we got cleared for car transfer; it was just wonderful for the two of us! Although I will say Todd does not like DC traffic. :) Looking forward to more exciting things in our future one includes the weekend pass and hopefully next week he will no longer need passes to stay at the MH, due to he may possibly be an out patient.

    With Much Love
    Todd & Crystal

  • Written May 3, 2010 8:09pm

    Let me see…this past weekend was a good one, Todd had visitors but not an over abundance which was really nice. His Aunt’s and Uncles came this way to see him they got in town on Friday and left yesterday, it was a really good time. It managed to stay pretty nice out while they were here so Todd got a lot of outside time.  It was really nice to visit all of them. 

     One of the doctors came in late Friday and took out the catheter. Which was a very good thing, Todd succeed with urinating on this own! We had to use the sink on method and turning off the TV…it must have helped there was no need to do the in and out catheter. Which of course we all were excited about but especially Todd so it was a good accomplishment.  That is pretty much it for the medical side of things.

    At the moment I’m sitting at the computer desk that is in my room at the Mologne House with my hubby sitting in his chair right next to me!!! They gave Todd an evening pass, which we are both pretty excited about!! : ) 

    Todd says “Yeah” with good hope this will lead to weekend visits and then shortly after to being discharged from the hospital to out patient status!!

    With Much Love
    Todd & Crystal

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