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  • Written Jun 1, 2010 9:06pm

    Hello everyone we have a lot of catching up to do… we try to update when we have a bit of stuff to fill everyone in on.


    It’s been good; Todd is striving and pushing forward, again no surprise to me. He tells me the main reason he pushes so hard is because he can tell how happy it makes me. Just that alone will put a smile on a girls face.


    The physical therapists are working Todd out making him sweat a bit; he defiantly does not like crunches. According to the therapists Todd’s core is the major muscle group that will assist him with his lower prosthesis. So PT is going great and OT with Joe and Harvey is looking up.  As of a few days ago Todd now has two right arm prosthesis, Jamie is still doing a bit of work on the second but it wont be long before he is utilizing it. Todd is doing well with adjusting to using his new arms… they as in OT keep letting him know he has a great amount of muscle control.


    The doctors also cleared Todd for the use of his legs. So soon they will be casting and fitting him for a socket.  He is very excited to start that process as well as everyone else.


    Todd… “ Can’t wait to stand again, LT Dan Ice cream!!!”


     There have been many to whom has asked about donations...Todd now has a "Todd A. Nicely Donations" account through his bank for those to whom are asking  Todd recently set up this account. One day after rehab todd is wanting to one day open a sports bar with a really good friend to whom is also a marine so... for those to whom have already donated know that there will be a bar stool at the bar for you :). So from this point forward we ask that if wanting to donate please use the following information. 

    For electronic transfers

     Navy Federal Credit Union

     Routing # 2560-7497-4

    AC # 3021742329

    For Checks


    Todd A. Nicely Donations

     The address here for Todd is...


    6900 Georgia Ave, NW

    Abrams Hall Box 4207

    Washington DC 20307


    We also know that there are great efforts going towards benefits and fund raisers... which is so very much appreciated for we honestly did not expect so many to want to help so it touches our hearts and brings tears to my eyes.


    Todd is sitting here and says " Thank you so much I second everything my wife has stated, for people keep telling me that "they don't know what to say to me" Well I can't find the words to express how much your caring and understanding means to me so thank you."


    With much Love

    Todd & Crystal Nicely

  • Written May 22, 2010 9:56pm

      Back at Walter Reed from our good trip to NC, our flights at first had us getting back late on the 19th like around 900 PM so it was going to be a long day. Then we arrived at the Jacksonville airport the attendants found us a direct flight so we got in around 400 which was great for Todd due to he had to get back to the mat on Thursday.

     This past Tuesday while still in JVille Todd called up a couple of his good friends AJ Neely and George Geddis for a little get together before we left town which turned in to a quite large gathering of guys from Todd’s platoon. It was really nice to have all of them back together again. I can say personally that sitting at the end of the table looking across at all the guys made me smile and I caught my self fighting back the tears. I was so happy for my husband, and the guys to be home safe and enjoying it.


    Their working Todd out, more now his wounds are healing very well and looking good. So they’re jumping at the chance to make him hurt in a good way, in OT and PT but he is enjoying the challenge.


    Todd’s older brother Ryan and his girlfriend Amanda got in to town today so we spent some time with them out and about. Then tomorrow his Aunt Gina and wonderful grandmother Sharon will be here as well. So its going good, I want to take a moment to again say thank you to everyone to whom follows my husbands updates and know we appreciate it.


    Glad your home boys… safe… well from war I cant say so much from your selves J. Love you all!!


    Todd & Crystal

  • Written May 15, 2010 10:05pm

    Well let’s see we are a little behind…. Monday after our nice quite weekend, Todd noticed that his left forearm had some growth of some sort. He went to OT, Joe his therapist took a look see and informed Todd that it was bone poking out above the skin. So we were looking forward to discharge on Monday but Todd ended up having surgery, a minor one on Tuesday. The surgery went well Todd had to stay a couple more nights at the hospital, and if the tip of his forearm still looked good then he was going to be discharge this past Thursday. His arm was still looking good so he is now an out patient. : )

    With Much Love

    Todd & Crystal

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