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  • Written Jun 23, 2010 9:44pm

    Hello everyone… my Todd and I are doing well therapy is progressing in the right direction and Todd still has a positive perspective on life. Walking is going great the therapists continue to challenge him and yet Todd continues to take it with strive. He Is also doing very well with very day tasks, which is in a good part to Joe in OT to whom Todd has this love hate relationship with. Its almost to funny to watch at times.


    In the past I have mentioned an opening on Todd’s left leg that the surgeons were waiting to see if it would grow back the skin on it’s own. Well due to the amazing work of Todd’s therapist Greg it has shown a tremendous improvement, there is just a few centimeters left to heal. If all goes well… Todd will be able to get in a pool, and start a new form of therapy. 


    The past couple of weekends Todd had a few visitors the weekend before last his Older sister Nicki, her husband Jason and there two boys to whom are way to cute stopped in which was a very good time. Then this past weekend Grandpa Russ, and little sis Kasey dropped in… that visit as well was very nice.  


    This coming up weekend Todd and my self will be attending a hope run in New York with many other injured military personnel.  We are both looking forward to the weekend. Soon, very soon we "both" are also going home for a good while to see our families it will be the first time since Todd left for Afghanistan.

    Todd says "hello, and thank you"

    With Much Love
    Todd & Crystal Nicely





  • Written Jun 14, 2010 12:44am

    It’s Sunday so that means… back to the mat tomorrow bright and early. The last update we did… Todd had got to utilize his legs for the first time, seeing him stand is such a divine sight. Just sitting her thinking of that moment when my Todd… just stood right up, from his wheel chair with no hesitation gives me goose bumps, and a cheesy smile. That day not only did Todd stand, he walked with this oh my goodness beautiful smile of triumph and pride. When I looked in to his eyes as he stood there they glistened so beautifully! He has gotten to use his leg prosthetics a few times, although this last visit to physical therapy with Greg we had a small bump… Todd uses a “shrinker” on each one of his amputations to aid in shaping them to fit his prosthetics. When Todd goes to utilize his legs or to prepare for the use of his legs the “shrinker” is taken off and a liner is put on by turning it inside out and then applying pressure on the closed section of the liner on the end of his amputation and rolling the liner onto the leg, the liner aides to shield against friction, pressure and for the attachment of his prosthesis, from my understanding anyway. Todd wears the liners usually for about three hours or so before he utilizes his shorties (legs), the time varies depending on what the therapist says. I guess one can think of a liner like a sock before putting on a shoe, due to the prosthetic it self has a socket that slips right over Todd’s amputations, so the liner lays between Todd’s actually limb and the socket its self.


    Well this last visit as I was saying before Todd’s legs had already changed in size from the day before on his left leg due to the shrinking of his limb so there was some slipping, so Zack the gentleman to whom does the work on Todd’s legs will do some adjusting on the shape of the socket and with good hope he will get to do more with the legs in the days to come. The therapists have told us that this process could happen a few times due to the changing of muscle growth, so it’s gone down just a tad bit but, as his muscles grow the sockets will need to be bigger.  When Todd’s legs are no longer fluctuating to were it makes a difference he will have a final socket but that’s a little ways down the road.


    Also Todd went to the doctor with his mother to have them take a look-see at his ear due to the right ear was starting to be painful and his hearing was getting worse. Well the doctors ended up flushing his ear out and from what I was told a lot of nastiness came out; he came back with a souvenir in a container what looked like owl droppings.  Todd did say that having it flushed has made a difference in his hearing but it’s still not all that great. The flowing day Todd and I went to his appointment with ENT (ears, nose and throat) and they did say that Todd’s missing a good amount of his eardrums, so they recommended surgery to correct the hearing lose by aiding in the growth of the eardrum, but if and when Todd decides to go through with the surgery it will be good ways down the road.

     Todd also went to dental were they hooked him up with his flipper, so he now has front teeth!!


    With Much Love

    Todd & Crystal


  • Written Jun 8, 2010 7:03pm


    Were to start... well as of today my husband has his first set of legs or "shorties" as they call them here at the hospital. Picture it a young lady about five foot one or so...then picture a young, very good looken man about the same height standing right in front of her! That picture is my husband and I, exciting right!! He is doing so great after they put his legs on him he got to stand for the first time since the explosion!! He did so well... there are just no words to say just how good he did do. If it were not for the fact that I was so happy and all smiles I would have cried. To see his face light up with accomplishment and excitment, meant so much to his mother Julie and myself. So it was a good day... and Todd is looking forward to the process towards walking again.

    Todd is having some hearing loss still and it has gotten worse in the left ear, working on getting an appointment so we can see what is going on in there. Tomorrow Todd has an app. with dental to get him a "flipper" for his missing front teeth, I know he is exctied about that!
    So PT & OT with the new legs starting tomorrow we will see how it goes :)
    Todd says "I will be running soon, so watch out road runner"

    With Much Love
    Todd & Crystal

    Todd now has a "Todd A. Nicely Donations" account through his bank for those to whom are asking Todd recently set up this account, from this point forward we ask that if wanting to donate please use the following information.


    For electronic transfers


    Navy Federal Credit Union

     Routing # 2560-7497-4

    AC # 3021742329

    For Checks


    Todd A. Nicely Donations

     The address here for Todd is...

     6900 Georgia Ave, NW

    Abrams Hall Box 4207

    Washington DC 20307


    Todd is sitting here and says " Thank you so much I second everything my wife has stated, for people keep telling me that "they don't know what to say to me" Well I can't find the words to express how much your caring and understanding means to me so thank you.

     With much Love

    Todd & Crystal Nicely

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