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  • Written Apr 4, 2010 8:46pm

    Today was another good day…one that allowed us all to take a deep breath.  Respiratory changed out Todd’s ventilator tubing, so now he has the ability to speak a little. Although with that being said it is not like two people caring on a conversation, the tracheotomy tube now has a plastic covering which can be moved to allow an individual to cover the opening with a gloved finger to help Todd to take a deep breath to speak. They did say that tomorrow there is a possibility that they will put in a speaking valve that will allow Todd to talk so we will see how that goes, I’m sure it will be great. I can say it was wonderful to hear his voice, there are just no words.  With him being able to move his jaw and the new  trache covering, Todd today was also able to drink , with that I can say that the doctor was really good to him…he hooked Todd up with a Corona just a couple sips but it was wonderful as well as some water.  His temp still is fluctuating not to high though. He also has another trip to the OR tomorrow, for some cleaning and hopefully closing.

    Crystal Nicely

  • Written Apr 3, 2010 9:57pm

    Today was a good day not to much of a change; Todd is still doing well sleeping a lot which is good of course. His fever is still fluctuating, so there working to find out to why. Disease Control came to speak with us today about the results from the CAT scan and according to the doctors he is staying steady and at the moment there is no change in his lungs so that’s good as well. Respiratory also informed us yet again that Todd is doing well with breathing on this own even with the clasped lung, although the respiratory machine is still a vital tool in his recovery right now do to pain management. They are treating him for a sinus infection, to be on the safe side. They also informed us that his wounds are still looking good. They are waiting as of now to see if they can figure out to why he is feverish, before staring to closing up his wounds and finishing closing up his right arm. His jaw was wired shut before to hold it in place as of the last OR visit they plated it, and took out some of the wiring. He now has a small ability to move his jaw and is doing so.

    Todd still has the ability to make us all smile, and is showing a lot of spunk and of course stubbornness. He is responding to everyone, using what ability he has right now to communicate and is not being shy about it.

  • Written Apr 3, 2010 11:58am

    Todd has been to the OR twice now for cleaning of wounds, and multiple surgeries.  He has had a continuous fever with that being said it’s been varying from high to low to normal. As of last night he did break his fever but yet again I have not just yet been to the hospital so that could have changed. They also did a set of X-Rays on Todd’s chest to check out his lungs to see if there was any type of infection. The doc informed me last night that the right lung looks fine although the left does look as if there is some ammonia that has progressed slightly. Although the doctors do say that that is not abnormal for his injuries, they are also thinking that he may have a sinus infection which may also be causing his Temp to fluctuate.  Due to his jaw fractures the drainage is possibly not draining like it’s suppose to, we have yet to speak with the specialist on this issue. They also did a CAT scan of his Face, Chest and pelvic cavity yet to get the results with good hope they will turn out just fine. As soon as I can I will continue to update his page.


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