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  • Written Apr 4, 2011 2:10pm

    Hi everyone,

    Sorry it has been so long since an update from me, but I suppose it's because there hasn't been much news to report lately.  Having said that, I will say that my recovery continues to go well and I keep working at living as normally as I can with use of only one eye.  Speaking of which, as expected, my closed eye will continue to be out of commission for at least another few months as I wait to see if time can take care of doing most of the healing of the nerves that contol the eye and its lid.  Even as my eye lid starts to open, the eye itself is not moving in unison with my good eye until such time that the nerve heals or if I should attempt to repair it surgically.  Again, time will tell...

    The more exciting news right now is that I am returning home to Colorado on April 18th!  Dad (aka Jim) will join me for a few days to help me settle in, so that will make it an interesting trip home for sure!  Most of what precipitates the decision to go home now is that I have finished up my therapies and rehab assignments at the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago (RIC).  RIC is a world-class facility and they have done a greate job working on me, ensuring my healing process continues.  They have helped my brain and body re-adjust to everyday challenges and went further to help me acclimate to the working world.   Both the RIC staff and I feel I have progressed very well, and that taking steps to get home and back into some sort of working life is a good idea at this stage.  The key to my success will be to to take it all in steps and not jump into it 110% at the start.

    Dad, my siblings (and their families), close relatives and good friends have been so instrumental in my recovery.  I remain forever grateful to be blessed with so many people who have put my needs ahead of theirs during my crisis and recovery.  They have all shown so much love, care and concern... Thank you my dear loved ones for being there for me, and again, thanks to all of you too who have sent me your words of encouragement.  Those have been equally appreciated...!

    I may (or may not) check in with an update again on here again soon,  until then, take care and thank you for your support!


    P.S.: Please include your personal email address in any notes you send me on CaringBridge so that I know how to reach you.  Thank you.
  • Written Feb 11, 2011 9:54am

    Hello dear family and friends,

    Recovery inChicago has been going pretty well!  Next week I begin my 3rd week of out patient therapies and rehab assignments at RIC, which has been nothing short of a great experience so far.... The staff there is top notch and the physicians overseeing everything seem to have a good handle on the entire process.  The only problem is the sub-zero temps we've been experiencing...I understand we are supposed to break the 30 degree mark by early next week.  Can't wait for that..!

    Dad (aka Jim) has been spending the week in Mexico on an annual mission to small villlages assisting dentists from this area provide basic dental services to the citizens of very needy communities.  Jim arrives back to Northbrook this Saturday evening.   Brother John arrived on Tuesday from New York to spend time with me and other family.  We've had a great time during his visit and it has given him a chance to see other family and old friends that he doesn't see often enough.   John is in until Sunday.  Thanks to him for making the trip out here!

    Next week I see a hand specialist who can help me finish the healing process on my left hand.  He will hopefully remove a 2.5 inch pin that was attached to the bone afer my injury to help it set and heal.  I also hope to see a neuro-ophthalmologist soon who can monitor the condition and progress of my right eye, which has been shut since the accident and will hopefully open in the mon ths ahead. 

    All my siblings along  with Dad, and other close family continue to be amazing through this process helping in any way they can.  Thanks to them, many important details are being handled, such as the processing of my medical insurance claims, and all my mail is being handled and routed appropriately.  Some have taken  time to make meals for Dad and I so that we have one less thing to worry about.   Thanks goes out to Dad's closest friends for helping out similarly!

    Thanks too for many of you who have called or sent your well-wishes my way... They are very much appreciated and I just wanted to say thanks once again!  

    Mopre updates to come...thanks for tuning in!

    all the best, Tim
  • Written Jan 25, 2011 3:07pm

    Greetings my great family and friends!
    The rumors are true; I am now safely in the Chicago area with Dad and within a few days will be ready to start what will hopefully my final phases of accident recovery, physical therapies and other rehab assignments as recommended and put forth by the excellent physicians and therapists at Craig Hospital.   My time here will be spent in therapy sessions and rehab assignments 3 days a week at a branch of the Rehabilitation Institue of Chicago.

    Thank you each for your caring and supportive messages in here, through email and otherwise.  I really have appreciated each and every one received, and carry them in my thoughts with each step of my recovery. 

    This trip back to Chicago for Dad (aka Jim Seeberg) is hopefully an opportunity for him to partially get back into his routine of volunteerism, regular exercise, including regular walks at the Chicago Botanic Gardens, and a modest social life with close friends and other family in the area.  Dad (aka Jim) has been a tremendous pilar of support for me and and other family though this episodal experience.  I am so grateful.....

    I hope to be fortunate enough to see many of you in the coming weeks and months ahead as I finish out my journey to better and stronger health. 

    Until then, I hope to continue keeping in touch through Caringbridge and other means.  Thank you all and God Bless! 


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