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  • Sep 26, 2010 4:46pm

    To the Hutchins Family,  we are so late in sending our message out to you all, but we have been thinking of you and your incredible journey. We have been on our own journey with our son Thomas, and we did see Chris this past spring and he brought us up to date with how Tighe was doing.  So glad to hear she went back to school and hoping that she is still recovering and doing so well. When life brings these trials we are so lucky to have the family and friends we have.  But the lacrosse family is something that we will never ever forget.  The notes and messages and help from this tight knit community has been amazing as I am sure you experienced. The reason I am writing today is actually because Thomas emailed me to asked me specifically how Tighe was doing.  Not sure how Tighe would feel about emailing with someone she does not know, however maybe these two passionate laxers might have some words of encouragement for each other.  Thomas' email is tnt008@bucknell.edu  Hoping all the news you get from now on is positive and Tighe's recovery continues. Best Wishes for you all, Trish and Tom Thibeault

    Trish Thibeault

  • May 10, 2010 2:18pm

    Cathy, Peyton and of course TIGHE...
    what a fabulous article from San Fransisco about this remarkable recovery on TIGHE's part, but certainly couldn't have been done w/ out the love of friends/family and the medical staff. God does work in myterious ways, and I AM CONVINCED we are all better people b/c of the trials and tribulations he puts us through while we survive and are on this earth. I think HIS job is to constantly keep us guessing, so that we don't get complacent w/ our role on earth that he has already planned out. Wouldn't you agree? SO HAPPY FOR YOU TIGHE, and keep going after your dreams and passions b/c obviously HE has decided you have more work to do as an earthling....hahaha!! I wish all of this press about the UVA incident would just go away as I feel like it unfortunately puts a dark cloud over the sport of LAX, for whatever silly reason. I am just saying my prayers for the 2 families involved, as well as the 2 UVA LAX teams as they prepare to compete in the NCAA tourney. I feel like this participation is the medicine that these kids need to work through this mess, but again, my heart will weigh on all them as they work through this. There's a wonderful LAX community all over the country, and hopefully, with support from us LAX lovers, this TOO shall pass. I look at it as an isolated incident, that is just a part of life, unfortunate as it is, and "stuff happens" which is beyond our control, and we can't prevent ALL tragedies. Again, that's a part of life, that we absorb, and then pick ourselves up, as brilliantly as Tighe has done, and GO FORWARD! Right Tighe! We just have to take care of each other, be loya good citizens as best as we each are capable of being.  LOTS OF LOVE TO THE HUDGINS FAMILY!
    I saw Anna and Beetle Smith and Blanton and Middy just this past weekend in Richmond.....Middy and B look FABULOUS! Love to Peyton too!
    MOLLY...(Cathy, poor Tighe has NEVER met me, and I am giving this sermon above....oh well, I hope to meet her one day soon. She sounds adorable and fabulous, just like Peyton! I haven't met your boys, so SORRY GUYS! This is a DIVA THINGS right now! HAHAHA

    Molly Meem

  • May 9, 2010 5:08am

    I am super proud of Tighe and her family and supporters for their strength, resiliency, solidarity and community.  

    I'm going to give blood a lot this year to support everyone who needs blood; Tighe's story really inspires me to give and do more to support others.  I am so impressed by Tighe and her friends and family.

    God bless Tighe and many blessings to her, her family and all her friends.

    Fabrice Vincent, UC Berkeley Class of 1966

    Fabrice Vincent
    San Anselmo, CA

  • May 8, 2010 12:07pm

    tighe, what an awesome article.  it was great seeing you at the banquet and having you back on the west coast.  enjoy graduation and all the senior festivities. see you soon!

    Hilary Lynch

  • May 8, 2010 10:59am

    I'm so glad you're recovering. I felt especially touched because a few months ago I was hiking up in Strawberry Canyon and saw a bunch of the lacrosse team members running up the canyon. I had enjoyed seeing all their energy and friendliness and camaraderie. I guess I gave them some information about where to go as they continued up the trails. I doubt you were with them. I hope you continue to recover and do well. Best wishes! Mark.

    Mark Brucker

  • May 8, 2010 10:59am

    Hi All,

    This article is so timely. Although we all know the story it is so wonderful to see it in print and for others to recognize the wonderful team support that helped Tighe progress. I love the beautiful spirit of this team.

    Here's to continued success!

    Kakki and Al Morrison 

    Kakki Morrison

  • May 8, 2010 10:45am

    One of my favorite things  to do is to get up early on Saturday morning, get a hot cup of coffee, my newspaper and settle in to read every word.  To my surprise when I openned the newspaper there staring back at me was Tighe Bear and her senior teammates!  What a wonderful article about Tighe and the lacrosse community.  Tighe you and your family have made such an impact on all of us since you were a freshman on the CAL team both on and off the field.  We are so happy that you are back here in Berkeley and that will be graduating with your classmates.  Don't forget we love you and will always be here if you should need anything.  Hugs and kisses.

    Geri O'Mahoney

  • Apr 19, 2010 3:37pm

    I was so happy to get your mother's holiday card, but so sad to hear what you have gone through this past year.  I am so sorry.  It is amazing to me to see how much you, Peyton and Duncan have changed in let's see, 17 years!  I also am without a spleen, as is my son Peter.  His was taken out when he was five.  The reasons were not as serious as yours.  I hope you are well and will enjoy finishing up school.  Stay well. 
    Lauren Moran Santeusanio
    (your babysitter from long, long ago)

    Lauren Santeusanio

  • Apr 19, 2010 1:28pm

    Tighe, I am so glad to hear that you are well. What a story!! Stay well. Your old babysitter, Lauren

    Mrs. Lauren M. Santeusanio

  • Apr 15, 2010 11:39am

    Tighe...so happy to hear you're back in California! - all the best from the Kane clan!

    Betsey Kane

  • Apr 14, 2010 11:44am

    You are an amazing young woman, our prayers have been with you on this journey. You are blessed with wonderful family and friends.

    God Bless.

    Barbara and John

    Barbara Voit

  • Apr 13, 2010 5:21pm

    Hey Tighe,
    I'm so happy to hear that you're going back to Berkly. I feel soooo proud to say Tighe Hutchins is my cousin. You rock! Hang in there girly!!!
                               Court (aka the youngest cousin) 

    courtney quirk

  • Apr 13, 2010 3:16pm

    Tighe--- Can't believe that you are already on your way back to California! And, so unbelievable all that you have gone through and the incredible recovery that you have made because of your perseverance and hard work! We were so happy to be able to see you in Washington a couple of weeks ago. Keep up the great progress; enjoy that California sun and returning to your college friends!    Love, Connie and Andrew,
                                          Evan and Matt, too

    Connie Chriss

  • Apr 13, 2010 1:35pm

    Hi Tighe & family,
      Sorry I missed seeing you when you were down on Sanibel  visiting Nell. I often stay with Peggy when I am down there participating in Art Festivals.
      All the Hupfeldts are very happy about your progress & your return to Berkley & we wish all of the Hutchins the best & hope to see you in the near future!
      Take Good Care!    Love,
                          Kim, Chris , Julie & spouses

    Kim Hupfeldt
    Palmetto, FL

  • Apr 13, 2010 1:29pm

    Thanks for the good news. All the Gallalees are delighted about the trip!

    drew gallalee

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