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And a few more prayers...May 13, 2014

Although this site was meant for Tiffany, today I am posting to ask for prayers of healing for Bobby.  Bobby has been such a devoted husband and dedicated to Tiffany's recovery since her stroke. We are extremely grateful for the love and support he has shown our daughter. Now he is in the hospital, arriving there sometime during the night.  Tiffany posted on Facebook that it could be pancreatitis.  As tests continue, we should know more as the day progresses.  Until then, I ask that you keep both of them in your thoughts and prayers.  Thank you.

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Tom Muntz
By Tom Muntz
Hope to see you soon in Hayward!
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Jamie Glover
By Jamie Glover
Lots of prayers and love. ♡
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Susi Ruegemer
Praying. That pancreatitis hurts alot! Hope he gets better quick!
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Christine Ballack
By Christine Ballack
Oh no!., I'm so sorry to hear this!! Praying for
Bobby and you too Tiffany! Hope to see you at Callahan! Love you both!
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June Motzer
By June Motzer
Healing prayers are being sent your way! xoxoxo
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Bonnie Gurney
By Bonnie Gurney
Prayers for Bobby and Tiff. He has been so wonderful to Tiff and does not deserve this. <3 to all the family.
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Debi Fleischauer
By Debi Fleischauer
Pancreatitis is extremely painful and I wouldn't wish it on anyone! I send prayer, healing and positive energy and to be free of pain to the both of you. Please know you are both in my thoughts and prayers!
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Phyllis Wedel
By Phyllis Wedel
Praying for God's healing.
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Alice Koski
By Alice Koski
Prayers, Light and Love Sent to you and your entire family.
You have all been through so very much, it has taken a toll to get through recovery of Tiffany and the love all of you share will sustain you as you all handle yet one more thing. Blessings sent to each of you today.
God's Peace and Love be with you always.
Alice May
Psychic-Medium & friend
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