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DAY 418 Tuesday March 11th, 2014

Its been 418 days since the stroke.  Tiffany has now gone through over 900 therapy sessions at the hospital, at skilled nursing, at Sister Kenny and a variety of other medical facilities.  

Her entire left side of her body remains paralyzed from head to toe. Tiffany's vision has improved sightly but becomes sketchy when she gets too tired, over worked or over stressed.  

Her vision was however good enough to pass the eye exam at the DMV and last week she got her new drivers license in the mail.  SO PROUD, such a huge step!  We don't use the word "allow" in our marriage but I will use it here - Tiffany wont be allowed to drive until this nasty weather goes away and the roads become more safe.....oh, and when she gets a new vehicle since we had to sell her SUV last year to cover medical expenses.

We just returned from Savannah, GA where Tiffany did her first out of state event at GHOSTOCK: Resurrection!  The love these people have for Tiffany is off the charts, everyone there was SO nice.  Patrick Burns and his wife Marley put on a wonderful event and it was great to see Tiffany back in her element.  We also got to spend a couple of days with the lovely Coco Levitski who joined us at the Hilton and was a HUGE help.  She is one awesome lady and friend - she will also be the one walking (or rolling) Tiffany down the aisle this summer at "The 20 Year Anniversary Wedding Ceremony".

We knew traveling was going to be extra difficult, and it was, but that is part of the reason we did it  Traveling with a massive amount of luggage and being in a wheelchair has its challenges, but we knocked it out and learned A LOT in the process.  Next stop is Gettysburg, PA and then onto  Louisville, KY but before those shows Tiffany is doing another SOLD OUT Gallery Reading right here in her hometown of St Cloud, MN this Saturday March 15th. Being busy is good therapy!

We continue to be so very thankful for the friends we now have in our life - they give us the much needed love and support to get through each week.  God bless each of you!