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On Friday, January 18, 2013 Tiffany suffered a massive stroke.  The prognosis was grim - she was paralyzed on her left side and the doctors offered us little hope of her being able to regain function.  Three surgeries, a total of 112 days in the hospital and rehab, and relentless work by Tiffany and her therapists has resulted in enormous progress.  She is finally home, undergoing outpatient rehab, and the story of her recovery is a chapter not yet complete.  Team Tiffany has witnessed numerous miracles along the way and expect even more to come!


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Tiffany and Bobby... YOU life has Changed , but have changed a lot of people's many Great ways! God Loves us and in our new Livr, God will guide us.Only the ... Read more

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I'm so pleased to see you kids out there and in the thick of things again. It has been very gracious of you to share your story and trials with us. I'm excited and ... Read more

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Team Tiffany is knocking it out of the park! Way to go, you guys! I don't know what inspires me more...the HARD WORK and DEDICATION or the TRUE LOVE you have for each ... Read more

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What an inspiration you are, Tiffany! You are so often in my thoughts.  Stay strong. Thanks for all you do! And Bobby - thank you for being such an amazingly awesome ... Read more

Bobby Johnson posted a new journal entry, "DAY 418 Tuesday March 11th, 2014".

Its been 418 days since the stroke.  Tiffany has now gone through over 900 therapy sessions at the hospital, at skilled nursing, at Sister Kenny and a variety of other ... Read more

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Thinking a lot about you today! You must be doing something that requires a little extra energy today than most. I can't define my thoughts/feelings...just that your ... Read more

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It is wonderful to hear that Tiffany is getting back into her life's work.  Her family are all cheering her on.  Tiffany is a very remarkable person and someone we look ... Read more

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 Thank you for the updates Bobby. Tiffany is such a fighter and an inspiration, as are you. You two are awesome people and I am glad the road is still looking a little ... Read more

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Hugs, love and continued blessings to you, Tiffany and Bobby.  Tiffany, you are such an inspiration to me in ways you can't imagine.  Bobby, you are an awesome, ... Read more

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