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Tiffany’s Story

Hi everyone! I decided to make a blog for Nora, because it is easier to update this way. Nora Renee was born at early gestation at 23 weeks and 3 days on 10/23 a little past midnight via emergency C-section due to a Partial placental Abruption. her weight at birth is 1 lb 3 oz, and is at an amazing level III NICU. We are aware of the rollercoaster battle, and are content with whatever happens to her as its Gods will not ours; and are blessed to know her , she has taught us a lot already! But this blog is to keep you updated on her journey, thanks for the continous prayers and support, it does not go unnoticed.

Latest Journal Update


Nora’s Adoption

November 23rd, 2012 is a day I will remember for
all time. That is the birthday of Nora Renee, my first born. She came out with
one single loud cry to announce her arrival; it was also the only opportunity
she would ever have to make any utterance from the vocal cords God had given
her. Her life was short being only 7 days; it was filled with desperate
struggles, moments of hope followed ultimately by her death.

A great king of this earth once said “I shall go to him, but
alas he will not come to me”.  The stark
reality of what was said so many years ago rings in my ears as if there were
bells in them. The experiences with her are seared into my core like a branding
burned into the hides of unwitting cattle. This mixture of sorry and joy I now
carry with me has also opened my eyes to something new.

54,559,615 is the current abortion total since Roe Vs. Wade
in 1973. That is the number of children who were so unwanted by their parents
they were very literally dismembered before they ever saw the light of day.
There are an estimated 1.5 million homeless children currently just within the
United States, some with parents that were killed in accidents and others with
parents who discarded them like a used wash rag.

What now shall we do with our freedom of responsibility,
having lost our daughter? What has God given us through her parting from this
world? I believe that the next chapter in the book of life for Tiffany and I is
one that gives the unconditional love bestowed upon us by God that was once
intended for Nora to another that is not our own. We will give them a home,
instruction in the ways of life, guidance, patience, forgiveness and the
greatest gift of all, unconditional love infused with grace. What they will one
day choose to do with their knowledge, power and free will, be it salvation or
damnation, forgiveness or hatred, wisdom or ignorance, will ultimately be up to
them. They will however have the benefit of making those choices with the
collective knowledge and experience of two people who love them and a
relationship with the architect of their very soul.

Perhaps we can influence the life of one person so that they
have a fighting chance go out into all the world and change the lives of many,
perhaps this is one way in which we can bring forth the kingdom of God in a
real and meaningful way. Christ has a heart for children and so shall we.

Even with our full resolve and effort, it is not enough to
make this happen on our own with the present state of things. We need help to
make this a reality just as humanity needs the grace of God to live each and
every day. He has given his people many gifts, if it is prayer then pray for us,
if it is wealth then give freely and if it is time then offer it when there is
need. It is not us that will benefit from these things for we have enough for
ourselves, but rather the child God chooses to bless us with. This is a very
difficult road to travel with initial costs ranging from $20,000 to 40,000 for
just a single adoption. There is a lengthy process of home studies and
evaluations. Then finally the time of just waiting and hoping.

All this must happen
before we can even start to care for another. We are more than willing to
accept any help you can offer in whatever form you can offer it.

If you would like to donate or even follow our footsteps through this process please visit the blog link below
; and follow our journey from there this point on, if you want to donate click the blog and youll see the donate button on the page.


Addison & Tiffany