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Today is his Cancerversary

I read these threads the other night- and cried the whole way through.
Many of you know years ago Majbritt and I both battled cancer.
You helped us through tough times, our children were 3 and 1 when I was diagnosed with testicular carcinoma and Majbritt was diagnosed 4 months later with a rare sarcoma. She was in radiation while I was in chemo that Christmas was tough in 2006. Folks came and decorated our house with lights and brought food, presents.. I was in the hospital. 

Six years later the unthinkable- our son got sick.

One year ago today we were told Thomas had a cancer called myxoinflammatory fibroblastic sarcoma. It is a highly aggressive, chemotherapy resistant malignancy of the soft tissue- in his right leg. The docs told us to brace ourselves- the second surgery was going to be massive, and they would try to save his leg. He had 4 surgeries total last year- Here he is fearless at the plate 3 days ago. Today is his cancerversary.

My tears are for the pride I have in my family- all my FAMILY.

Much Love,