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Thomas is only 7 years old, and was just diagnosed with an atypical sarcoma.  He is being treated at CHOP, Childrens Hospital of Philadelphia.  He has been such a trooper through his illness, which started October 2012.  He has a great network of caregivers, doctors, family and friends that have kept him strong and his spirits high.

Thomas - 7 years old.

He was sick all of October 2012, because of an inflamed lymph node right groin.  They finally preformed a surgical biopsy, and ended up removing a 4cm mass. 

On Tuesday, 10/30/2012- we were told the pathology indicated an atypical sarcoma. 

He then was scheduled for a tumor bed resection with Dr. John Dormans and Dr. Joy Collins.  Dr. Collins was the surgeon that preformed the biopsy.  The reconstructive and plastic surgery and phase of Thomas' journey will be with Dr. Oksana Jackson.

His oncological team is led by Dr. John Maris, Dr. Edward Attiyeh, as well as several Fellows.  We are participating in a research study led by Dr. Richard Womer.

This is a good team here at CHOP.

Today (11/8/12) they told us the final pathology: myxoinflammatory fibroblastic sarcoma.  His pathology slides were read here, HUP and Dana Farber.

We are planning to seek second medical opinions from Dana Farber and perhaps MSKCC. 

We are also planning to enroll in a genetic testing program, as both Majbritt and I are cancer survivors.

Joe and Majbritt Schmidt


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Thomas had a post op appointment with his Rock Star Plastic Surgeon today.  Everything is looking great!  She doesn't think he will require additional ... Read more

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Awesome news!  I am so happy to hear that everything is going well for Thomas.  Looking forward to a wonderful year at Bradford Heights.  Your ... Read more

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So glad for you! It must have made him a stronger person, going through this trauma. He looks great! Read more

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This is wonderful to hear.....maybe he is in need of some Tastycakes to beef him up.....let me know....Love you all and so glad to hear this great news.  Read more

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Wooooohoooooo!!!! Fantastic news, SuperT!! Hugs to all and thanks for the update!!!!! Wooooooohooooooooo!!!!! Read more

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Dearest Majbritt,Joe,Hannah and THOMAS.I can not even begin to tell you how happy I am.Thanks for sharing the GOOD NEWS.Love,love,love Mormor Read more

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Hugs and hope and love to you all! Yippee and get great sleep this weekend to make up for what you missed! Read more

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Feel good, doesn't it! Keep up the good work! We know you will!! Read more

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We wanted to share the good news with everyone: Thomas had his 9 month visit today, which includes MRI, Chest XRay and oncology clinic visit at CHOP. He is Free of ... Read more

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